Swim Lessons Summer Session Starts May 31, 2022


SPA SwimAmerica offers group (up to 4 students), semi-private (two students) and private lessons. Group lessons are available for those five years old and older, while semi-private and private lessons are available for those three years old and older. Swimmers are placed by SwimAmerica level during their placement lesson, and will sign up for the appropriate level. For all lessons we offer Levels 1-4, Levels 5-8 and Level 9-10. In group lessons all students will be in the same Level group. For semi-private lessons, students must be in the same level group. 

Steps to Register for SPA SwimAmerica Lessons

1. Click on Swim Lesson Registration  and sign up for your desired day(s)/time of your lessons based on your assigned starting level

2. Pay the Annual SPA SwimAmerica registration fee of $55.00 and your first month's lesson fees at checkout

3. Sign up for any additional day(s) you want to schedule

4. Set up ACH for future months payments.

5. Attend your lessons!