At present our pool is restricted to 1 swimmer per lane and we require sign-ups for every single workout. During this time, monthly dues are on hold, and instead we are charging $10 per workout. To sign up for a workout, head to "Job Signup" from the "Events & Competition" section of the website (you must be logged in to your TeamUnify account to access this page).

DUES (On Hold During Single Workout Sign-Ups)

Membership is $90/month payable via credit card only. You can cancel at any time by contacting us here.


If you're new to the team your first month of swimming is free. To sign up and begin your trial month,  please do the following 2 steps
  1. Register with LAPS ($1 fee)
  2. Join USMS (annual fee)

and we'll be in touch on receipt of your registration.


Drop-in visitors are not accepted. Workouts are open for members only.