Try-outs by Appointment

Contact [email protected] to schedule a try-out today! Expect to spend about 20 minutes at the pool.  Swimmers should be able to swim across the length of the pool (in any fashion) without stopping or using the lane lines for assistance.  All ages welcome!


The Elko Swim Team season is September through July, with the month of December off. Swimmers are able to join the team at any time, with monthly dues.   A summer only session is also available, lasting May through July. The team is part of the Snake River LSC (Local Swim Committee), which means most of our meets are in Southern Idaho, from the Nampa/Boise area to Idaho Falls.  We host one meet the last weekend of June each summer.  Swimmers are expected to attend at least 3 meets per year, with travel being the responsibility of the swimmer.

To be a member of the swim team, swimmers must be able to swim the length of the pool without stopping, touching the bottom, or grabbing the lane linethough they can catch their breath when reaching the wall. Swimmers can be as young as 5, and technique is taught at practice, so don't worry about form. Style and technique do not matter - that's what we are here to teach!  Based on the tryout, the swimmer will be placed in the appropriate swim level group. 

Practice Schedule by Level:

Copper - entry level: Tuesday & Thusday 5:00-5:30

Bronze - beginning:   Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-6:15

Silver - intermediate: Mon & Wed 4:45-5:45 (dryland 4:30-4:45), Tue & Thu 6:15-7:30, Saturday 9:45-11:00

Gold - advanced: Mon through Friday 3:00-5:00 (dryland Mon & Wed 5:00-5:20), Saturday 9:00-11:00


Elko Swim Team Dues (October through July - no dues charged in September):

Gold:                          $95 a month

Silver:                         $90 a month

Bronze:                       $75 a month

Copper:                       $70 a month

Annual Registration fee (non refundable) $78 for USA Swimming Registration and $75 local swimming dues

Summer only runs May 1- July 31, rates depend on level of swimmer

**Please note that there is a separate charge for use of the pool set by the City of Elko. The pool has several payment schedules including a yearly pass and punch cards. All swimmers must pay the pool entrance fee for each practice.

We understand, and encourage, that some swimmers participate in other sports throughout the year.  Swimmers are welcome to take that time off from the swim team or limit their practice to work around the other sport(s).  To be able to swim in a meet, the swimmer must have been attending practice for at least 2 weeks prior to meet.  In addition must have had 2 practices in the week of the meet.

*If you need to pause your swimmers account for any reason you must provide a 30 day written notice to our team email at [email protected]  If it is a medically necessary you must provide a doctors note so we can further help you.

We also have scholarships available to help cover the cost of swimming.  If you are interested in applying, please contact us through the web site or at [email protected]