Here is a list of the many Voltage Swimmers that have gone on to successfully swim at the college level:

Division I:

Tim Webb, Ohio State University

Ganae Stallings, University of Wyoming

Lauren Keele, Boise State University

Sam Keele, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Ethan Griffel, University of Wyoming

Ellen Bradford, US Naval Academy

Roger Woods, Brigham Young University

Tahis Ibanez, Brigham Young University

Kailee Puetz, University of New Mexico 

Division II:

Allison Henning, Steven's Institute of Technology

Kelsie Baggs, Adams State University

Anne Kaiser, Western Colorado State

Jade Irick, Colorado State University Pueblo

Division III:

Lalya Karst, Whitworth University

​Colter Griffel, Whitworth University

Lauren Perttula, Rochester Insitute of Technology 

Andrea Perttula, Kenyon College 


Elizabeth Johns, Asbury University

Brennan Baker, College of Idaho

Voltage Aquatics continues to support all swimmers in reaching their goal to swim in college.