Becoming a member of Voltage Aquatics means fun, fitness, and teamwork for all.  It also means a financial obligation to pay your monthly dues and other charges in a timely manner.  The following outlines what you can expect to pay as a member of team VOLT.  At first glance, it may seem as if the swim team is expensive.  However, when taking into account the hours of coaching and pool time your swimmer receives for their monthly dues, the swim team offers a reasonable team experience designed to promote self- esteem, self-discipline, and good sportsmanship.


USA SWIMMING: Because Voltage Aquatics is a member of USA Swimming, all members are required to pay a yearly membership fee. This annual fee for 2022-23 is $78.00. This fee is reduced considerably for those swimmers who qualify for free or reduced hot lunch through the school system (letter from school district stating such is required as proof).  The USA Swimming membership provides secondary health and accident insurance in case of injury during swim team practice and during swim meets. For the first time in 2018-2019, USA Swimming is offering a limited registration for 12 and unders. This flex membership is only good for practice and 2 swim meets. If a swimmer turns 13 or wants to compete at more than 2 swim meets they must upgrade to a full membership. This membership is done at USASWIMMING.ORG. Once you register with Votage Aquatics you will have access to a link to register with USA Swimming. 

MONTHLY DUES: The monthly dues are based on which group  your child swims in. The monthly fees go towards pool space rental, coaches, and the daily expenses it takes to run a competitive swim programThe monthly dues are as follows:

Idaho Falls Monthly Fees                                                                 

Sparks 2

3 x 1 hour practice options /week


Sparks 1

4 x 1hour practice options/week


Firebolts 3 

4 x 1 hour practice options/week


Firebolts 2 

5 x 1 hour 15 min practices options/week


Firebolts 1

6 x 1 hour  15/30 min practice options/week


Pre Senior

5 x 1.5 hour practice options/week


Senior 2

6 - 7  x 1.5 hour practice options/week


Senior 1

7 - 8 x 1.5 hour  practice options/week



9 - 10 x 1.5 / 2 hour practice options/week



Our team also offers a family discount! The first two swimmers will be charged full price, the third, fourth, fifth, etc swimmers will be charged 50% of the fee!

ANNUAL TEAM ADMINISTRATION FEE: $20.00 charged when you register 

ANNUAL FAMILY FUNDRAISING COMMITMENT FEE: With the exception of Mini Sparks and Future Champions, each group has an annual family fundraising commitment. If your family has multiple swimmers you will only be responsible for the amount owed by the swimmer in the highest group.




Mini Sparks, Future Champions


Sparks 1, Sparks 2, Firebolt 2, Firebolt 3


Firebolt 1, Pre-Senior, Senior 2


Senior 1, Lightning 

The fundraising is billed in three equal payments on December 1, March 1, and June 1.

VOLUNTEER HOURS: Each family is required to volunteer 20 hours towards the team throughout the year (September 1-August 31). These hours can be accomplished by donating requested items (usually food), volunteering for team events, and volunteering at swim meets. Any hours not met by August 31 will be billed at $20 per hour.