Welcome, and thank you for looking into our wonderful aquatics team. In July 2014 the Idaho Falls Cutthroats and Poison Dart Aquatics Club out of Blackfoot Id, chose to combine efforts and form a new team with goals to bring a new level of swimming to Eastern Idaho. The Idaho Falls cutthroats began there training in 1997 with a handful of swimmers. In the past 17 years the team has grown to over 80 swimmers with multiple swimmers qualifying for Age Group Sectionals, Senior Sectionals, Junior Nationals, YMCA Nationals and have had multiple high school state champions. These athletes were not only great athletes but also performed well academically with multiple High School All Americans and many athletes going on to swim at the collegiate level, earning bachelors degrees and beyond. The Poison Dart Aquatics Club(PDAC) started in 2008 in Blackfoot Id. with 10 swimmers of all ages. PDAC grew to a team of 50 swimmers with Senior Sectional and Age Group Sectional qualifying times. They developed Idaho State champions and had swimmers go on to swim at the collegiate level.

By combining forces we are able to offer the swimmers more opportunity to succeed in swimming and achieve their goals whatever they may be. There are many ways to teach swimming here in Idaho Falls, with Voltage Aquatics we want to teach your child to swim efficiently and effectively. We provide a swimming environment that will be highly effective while stressing skill, safety, and fun! We strive to teach children that hard work can be fun and rewarding! Join us for this exciting experience as we grow and develop a new level of swimming in this area.


The Learning Process

We are happy to be apart of your child’s swimming education.  Just leave the teaching to us.Your child has been placed in a group with children of similar age and swimming ability.   Our policy is to teach in a positive and structured environment.  While continuous progression is ideal, we are aware that all children excel at different rates.  Please don’t be worried if it seems that your child has reached a plateau and is not progressing in the way you had hoped.  It is common for children to appear to make little progress at some stages, but in most cases this is a short term problem.  Our professional certified coaches work hard to build a trusting relationship with each child, as this makes the learning process much easier.  We cannot tell you ahead of time how long it will take for your child to swim, or compete, or even compete on a high level, but we will do our best to make progress as rapidly as possible.  Please keep in mind that learning to swim requires time and patience.  This is an ongoing process and even once they learn to swim, advanced groups are encouraged.  It is important to give the children positive reinforcement and you as the parent can help by supporting your child’s coach.

In all our beginner, or developmental groups the coaches are in the water with the children teaching the foundations of swimming. The more advanced groups are designed to help your child learn to compete and are preparing them for racing in a swim meet. Please attend practice regularly and be on time so your child can be ready to learn. Although practices are offered multiple days a week, it is not a requirement to have 100% attendance each month. Depending on what group your child is in, and depending on what their personal goals are, will depend on how much practice time they need.

If there are any questions about our team feel free to click on the "CONTACT US" button, leave us your question and someone will contact you soon to answer your question.


Your Voltage Coaching Staff