Nampa Swim Team FAQ Page: Do you have a questions that is not answered below? Please Contact Head Coach Sam for more information: [email protected]


What is Nampa Swim Team? What is USA Swimming?

  • Nampa Swim Team is a year round swim team and member of USA Swimming. USA Swimming is the National Governing Body of the sport of swimming in the United States.

Can my child join the team?

  • Yes. As long as your child can pass the swim test by swimming 2 lengths of the pool, they are eligible to join the team.
    • Swim Test: Front crawl swim with arms consistently coming out of the water, 25 yards - 10 second rest and then back another 25 yards. They can have a mixture of face in and out of the water - rotary or side breathing is not required - they cannot doggy paddle - cannot grab the wall/lane line on the way down or back - can cannot use fins/flippers.

How do I join the team?

  • Schedule a tryout with the coaching staff: Tuesday & Thursday at 5pm work best. If those times do not fit your schedule we can make other arrangements. After the tryout a member of the coaching staff will discuss group options that fit the athelte's skill set.

What is a tryout what do I bring?

  • A try-out allows the coaching staff to evaluate the athlete's current swimming ability and evaluate which practice group would be the best fit. To try-out, athletes should be able to swim 2 lengths (1 lap) of the Nampa Rec Center lap pool. Bring a swim suit, goggles and towel.

Does my child need to be good at every stroke?

  • No. Proficiency in all 4 competitive strokes is not a requirement to join the swim team. Athletes are placed in practice groups that fit their skill set. As athletes improve they are invited to join more challenging practice groups. It is important to remember that all athletes progress at different rates. Hard work, commitment and patience are necessary when moving up from group to group.

We are from out of town, can my swimmer drop in to swim with your team?

  • Yes. Please contact the Head Coach for practice schedule and group placement: Coach Sam [email protected]

Are swim meets mandatory? Is Sunday Participation Required?

  • Participation in swim meets is voluntary. However we encourage all athletes to participate in meets. Often a swim meet will span 2-3 days, for example, Saturday - Sunday or Friday - Sunday, athletes are not required to swim each day. Athletes may choose to swim each day of the meet or specific days.

Does the team travel? Is team travel mandatory?

  • Nampa Swim Team does participate in meets that require travel. Participation in away/out of town meets is voluntary.

What is Short Course Season? What is Long Course Season?

  • Year round competitive swimming season is broken into to seasons: Short Course and Long Course.

    • The Short Course Season runs from September-March, competitions are held in a 25 yard pool (The Nampa Rec Center is a 25 yard pool, 1 length = 25 yards)

    • The Long Course Season runs from April-August, Competitions are held in a 50 meter pool (1 length = 50 meters)

What if I can not swim year round?

  • Athletes are not obligated to swim all 12 months of the year. We have many multi sport athletes that are members of the swim team. When taking a hiatus from the swim team we ask that you complete a Leave of Absence form. The Leave of Absence form informs billing that you will not be swimming for a specific period of time and monthly billing is suspended for that period.