Nampa Swim Team (NST) is a private, non-profit swim club. NST is not associated witht the city of Nampa, the Nampa Recreation Center or supported by any other group. NST is a non-profit organization managaed by volunteer parents, funded by monthly fees, swim meets, and fundraisers. Our expences, which include coaching fees, pool rent, and equipment, are not completely covered by our monthly dues; therefore we use fundraising to help bridge the gap. Fundraising helps keep monthly dues as low as possible. If we were to cover all expences strictly from monthly dues, we would need to increase the dues approximately 30%. In lieu of rasing our monthly fees, we ask all families to participate in fundraising.

Fundraising is an annual commitment. NST will provide opportunities to raise funds during each year. However, if the annual amount is not raised, it will be added to the August monthly bill. The fundraising commitment is subject to the past due policy. If a swimmer only participates with NST for part of the season, the fundraising obligation will be prorated as a monthly expense over the 11 month season (there are no team dues in August). Households that have more than one child swimming will have the swimmer in the higher level raise their total comitment and any other swimmer will raise 50% of their commitment.

Annual Fundraising Commitment:
Spinner Shark- $110/year
Sand Shark- $165/year
Silver Shark- $165/year
Leopard Shark- $220/year
Tiger Shark- $220/year
Mako Shark- $220/year

Ways to Fundraise:


Fred Meyer Community Reward: Click here to learn how

Amazon Smile

Krispy Kreme

SCRIP Monthly Order


Linder Farm Ticket Sales


Shark Attack 2023: Click here for more information and Pledge Sheet.