Service Hours

Nampa Swim Team (NST) hosts and attends swim meet throughout the season. By hosting meets teams raise funds which help offset the operation cost of the club and help keep monthly dues low. In order to host and attend meets we need our families to help with various aspects of the meet.

Each family is asked to provide 22 service hours during the year (First Season or Spinner Shark families are required to provide 2 volunteer hours per year). Parents, athletes and siblings may all contribute toward the 22 hour service commitment. The service commitment can be prorated at 2 hours per month if required. If 22 service hours are not met in a year (September - August), a $20 per service hour fee will be added to the family's August bill. The service hour obligation is subject to the past due policy if your service hours have not been met or paid.

The service commitment is vital to the success of the team and it help promote a sense of community. There are many ways to be involved with no experience necessary. Please contact a Board Member to find out how you can become involved and become a supportive swim team parent.

Ways To Meet The Service Hour Obligation:

NST hosts up to 4 swim meets per year. Hosting swim meets helps raise funds for the team and keep monthly dues low. Swim meets require many volunteers to help them run efficiently and provides many service opportunities. Service positions at NST hosted meets include but are not limited to: Setup, cleanup, timing, hospitality, concessions, runner, duckmaster, marshal, announcer, official. See below for a brief description of each position.

Service hours can also be accrued at swim meets hosted by other teams. For example, each visiting team is asked to provide a predetermined amount of volunteers to help with meet operations. Volunteer hours at all meets count toward the club service hour obligation.

Volunteer Position Description:

Announcer: Announces heats, swimmers, and other announcements requested by the Referee, or meet management.

Award Processing: Organize awards by team and/or place name labels on awards.

Concessions: Assist in operating the concessions stand during meets. Concessions are behind the counter area near the entrance of the Rec Center.

Floater: Fill in or help with positions as needed. May be asked to help with any open position.

Heat Prizes/Duckmaster: Heat winners are often given a ticket at the conclusion of the race. Athletes can take the ticket to the Duckmaster and exchange it for a prize. Prizes often include but are not limited to: rubber duck, swim cap, stickers, etc.

Heat Winner Slips/Tickets: Hand out slips/tickets to each heat winner as they exit the pool.

Hospitality: Oversee the food/refreshments in the hospitality room for officials and coaches, as well as drinks/snacks for timers. No cooking required. Just keep things stocked and sent to timers.

Marshall: Assist in maintaining order and safety on the pool deck.

Meet Official: In short Meet Officials run the meet, they enforce rules and ensure proper protocols are being followed. There are various officials positions necessary to running a meet. Becoming a meet official requires a little training prior to the meet, however, this should not intimidate you. Training is simple and current officials are always happy to help with the process and answer any questions. If you are interested in becoming an official please reach out to Coach Sam.

Meet Setup or Cleanup Crew: assist with setup or break down of tables, chairs, etc.

New Parent Table: Help new parents get familiar with the operation of swim meets, answer questions. Typically will be seated at a small table near the dive pool.

Runner: Pick up Lane Timer cards after each event and turn into the Computer Operator.


  • Head Timer: On the start signal (strobe light), start 2 stopwatches. The time of these watches shall be used if a Lane Timer's watch fails.
  • Lane Timer: Timers start a stopwatch at the signal of the starter (strobe light) and stops the watch when any part of the swimmer touches the wall. Record time on Lane Timer Cards. All equipment, stopwatch, clipboard, pencil, Lane Timer cards, etc, will be provided by the meet host.


There are many other ways to help the team and accrue service hours. For example; serving on the parent board, attending parent board meetings, team social activities, Shark Attack fundraiser, etc. Volunteer opportunities are posted and emails are sent when help is needed.