Nampa Swim Team

Training Groups/Program Description


Athletes are grouped according to ability/skill level, creating a homogeneous training environment while allowing athletes to progress at their own speed/rate. Each training group builds upon the skills and techniques of the previous.
Spinner Sharks (Level 1)
Athletes new to competitive swimming start in the spinner shark training group. Athletes must be able to swim 2 lengths of the pool freestyle (front crawl) with an over arm recovery (side breathing is NOT a prerequisite). This group focuses on learning all 4 competitive strokes (free, back, breast, fly), racing starts, and finishes.
Sand Sharks (Level 2)
Athletes build upon the skills learned in the Spinner Sharks (Level 1). Interval training and race strategy are introduced. Athletes work toward swimming all 4 strokes legally and competing in a 100 Individual Medley. Dryland training begins (3 x 15min per week) focusing on injury prevention, balance and flexibility.
Required Training Equipment: Long Fins
Silver Sharks (Level 3)
Continue to develop mastery of all 4 competitive strokes and begin to develop the base of endurance training. Interval training is increased and athletes are taught to calculate their times during training sets. Dryland training is 3 x 15min per week.
Required Training Equipment: Long Fins, Pull Buoy, Mesh Equipment Bag
Leopard Sharks (Level 4)
Athletes will experience a significant increase in training intensity. The goal is to increase the base for endurance training, and for competition racing in meets. Dryland training (3 x 30min per week) begins to incorporate strength building.
Required Training Equipment: Long Fins, Pull Buoy, Hand Paddles, Snorkel, Mesh Equipment Bag
Tiger/Mako Sharks (Level 5 & 6)
Training groups are designed for athletes that have chosen to commit to swimming as their primary sport. Athletes are preparing for participation in a collegiate team environment and are expected to attended a minimum of 5 practices per week.
Required Training Equipment: Long & Short Fins, Pull Buoy, Hand Paddles, Snorkel, Mesh Equipment Bag
Seasonal Practice Groups
Summer Program
Designed to allow first time athletes of all ages to experience a competitive swim program.
Dates: June - July
Practice Schedule: Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri 3:00-4:00pm