Welcome to Streamliner Aquatics.  It is important that our parents are well informed.  Below you will find resources that will help you in learning about the sport of swimming, answer questions about the team, and help with problems that may arise.

A great resource for parents is the USA Swimming website. There is a whole section designed to help parents learn and navigate the sport of swimming. Click Here!

Every Streamliner Parent should read the following.

1)  10 Commandments for Swim Parents

2)  Swimming 101

3)  Praising Your Children


Every Streamliner Parent should complete the following.

USA Swimming Safe Sport Training for Parents

Our team welcome packets are not available for download (currently being revised).

  1. New Athletes Welcome Packet

  2. Transfer Athletes Welcome Packet


Before your first swim meet.  You will find everything you need to know about swim meets HERE.

Streamliner Aquatics Meet FAQ

When Should I get to the meet?

Athetes should arrive 15 minutes prior to warm-ups?

Where Should I sit?

Streamliners are encouraged to sit together. Some pools have bleacher provided while others reqire parents and participants to bring their own chairs.

What should I bring?

Athletes shoud bring a suit, cap, goggles, 2 towels, shoes/sandles, team shirt, water, healthy snacks, swim notebook with goals for each race, chairs (if needed).

How do I know when a race starts?

A Heat Sheet outlines each race. There are 3 pieces of information that need to be gathered for each race: Event, Heat, and Lane. The Event refers to what the swimmer is swimming (i.e. 50 Freestyle). Each Event is given a number and they are preformed chronologically. The Heat is the group with which a swimmer will swim and event. There may be 2 or more heats of each event. The Lane is which lane a swimmer will compete in. Generally swimmers with faster times on entry are placed in the middle lanes and the later heats. Newer swimmers are in the outer lanes and in the earlier heats.

Girls and Boys usually swim in different Events which will be divided into even or odd event numbers. Girls usually race each Event first. Be aware there are some meets that do not follow this format.

Swimmers usually write their races on their hand, arm, or leg with a sharpie in a grid like below.














Is there anything an athlete needs to do?

Athletes should have a goal time for each race. Our older athletes should have a race plan or specific things they are working on in each race. Athletes should speak to a coach 1 event prior to each race and after each race.

Is there anything I have to do as a parent?

Parents are required to volunteer at meets in some capacity. The team is required to provide a specified number of timers for each session (depending on the number of participants). This is a job anyone can do and you can't mess up because of all of the back-ups. Some parents choose to act as officials or administrators for which they have taken additional trainings provided by USA Swimming.

What is a DQ?

A DQ is an acronym for disqualification. It means that at some point during a race an athlete violated the rules for that race. Common DQ's are false starts, illegal touches at the wall, illegal arm movement, illegal leg movement, and illegal turn. Parents and Swimmers can find a guide to these rules HERE.


Swimmers should meet at the coaches table 1 Event prior to the start of ALL Relays. They will be given a relay card which must be given to the timer in their lane prior to the start of the race.

Team Cheer?

Swimmers should meet at the turn-end of the pool immediately after warm-ups and before the national anthem for a team cheer.


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