MARCH 3-5, 2017


Links to information about this year's YMCA Regional Championships will be posted on this page.  These links are specific to Boise Y Swim Team members only.  Other teams should visit the Corvallis Aquatic Team's website to access meet information.

RealTime Results

Y Regional Timeline

Y Regional Psych Sheet

Spectator Information

Picture Information
Password for Ordering: yreg2017corvallis

Y Regional Bus List

Tentative Bus Schedule


Y Regional Meet Information and Sign-Up for Boise Y Swimmers
Swimmers can begin signing up for rhe meet.
The entry deadline is February 15.  Late entries will not be accepted!
The meet invitation is posted on the above link.


Y Regional Bus Information - The Bus is Full!
Hotel lodging and meals will be billed to accounts after the meet.

Y Regional Qualifiers
as of February 11