Boise Y Swim Team Expectations and Guidelines for Team Swim Practice Sessions 

We are excited to announce our upcoming swim team practice information and guidelines for our team to get back to TEAM practices. All swimmers and parents need to read and follow these guidelines so once we start team practices, we will be able to continue to offer practices because we are following our safety guidelines. 

  • Boise Y Swim Team practices will begin the week of July 20th. This date is subject to delay. Any change to federal, state, county or city guidelines, orders, or laws may impact our ability to return to water.   
  • All swimmers should come to practice dressed to participate. This means swimsuits under clothing and equipment bags ready to go. Access to the locker rooms will be for restroom use only. 
  • Parents may not drop off their swimmer(s) more than 15 minutes before the scheduled start of practice. Swimmers will be using a side door into the aquatic centers NOT THE FRONT ENTRANCE. Doors for check in will be open until 2 minutes before each practice session. Then after that time, the doors must be locked. Swimmers will not be allowed to enter practice late for any reason. Once the doors are locked they are locked for that entire swim session. 
  • Specific details for your child’s location will be provided soon including drop-off/check-in location, practice schedule, and site-specific coaching information. 
  • Parents of all age groups are not permitted to observe practice. Parents must drop off their swimmer and return at the conclusion of practice to pick their swimmer up. There are no exceptions to this policy. We have a strict limit of how many people can be on deck and between swimmers, coaches, lifeguards, and lap swimmers there is no room for spectators. 
  • Before entering any facility, swimmers will read a self-assessment checklist, have their temperature taken and be checked in using our team management software. (Same system we have used for or dryland program.) 
  • Face coverings are required until swimmers are ready to enter the water. We suggest you provide your swimmer with a Ziploc bag to place their mask in during practice. 
  • Swimmers will be grouped together in cohorts. These small groups of (4) will share lanes and share an equipment storage location for the foreseeable future. Individual swimmers within each cohort will be numbered 1 through 4.Swimmmers will be positioned according to their number. One will be on the near wall, two just past the first flags, three at the other flags and four against the far wall. Coaches will use megaphones to ensure all swimmers can hear them. These cohorts will prevent massive gatherings at one end of pool and allow for easy contact tracing if there is a positive case at any time. Coaches will collaborate to create the cohorts prior to the first day of practice. 
  • For your safety it is highly recommended that they use their personal equipment. Fins, buoys, kickboards, etc. There will be equipment available on-site if it is necessary. If you have any questions about equipment or where to purchase, please email me. (Todd)
  • At the conclusion of practice each cohort will be dismissed one lane at a time to prevent gathering on deck. Parents should be present and ready to pick up their swimmer right at the end of practice. 

We are currently working on and finalizing swimmer practice group assignments, lane assignments, practice times and program fees for all practice facilities.  If anyone has any questions or concerns or needs any further information, please let me know. We will email and post site specific information in a few days once it is all approved. Thank you for your patience, we are excited to see everyone back in the pool again!

Coach Todd Marsh, Head Coach
Boise YMCA Swim Team
5959 N Discovery Way, Boise, ID 83713
 (P) 208-377-4886 ext. 426