2021 Boise YMCA Thanksgiving Invitational Swim Meet

November 19-21, 2021


Psyche sheet

Estimated Time Line

Swim meet invite

Live stream: (Boise YMCA swim team facebook live)

COVID protocols: All persons inside the aquatic center must wear a mask covering your nose and mouth at all times. Swimmers must also wear at all times except during swimming. Team will have designated seating areas in the bleachers during the swim meet. All persons entering the aquatic center will be tempature checked and asked if they are displaying any Covid symptoms.

Please be kind and respectful to all Meet officials, YMCA Staff, Volunteers, Coaches and competitors. The Treasurer Valley Family YMCA along with the Boise YMCA Swim Team are excited to host the Thanksgiving invitational. If anyone needs any assistance or has any questions please let us know.

Meet Director: Tina Akpan   [email protected]     

Boise YMCA Swim Team Head Coach  Todd Marsh    [email protected]


Heat Sheets by Sessions:

Session 1 ; Friday   12/unders       (warm up 4:00-4;25pm) meet starts at 4:30pm finish 5;30pm)

Session 2  Friday    13 & overs      (warm up 5;50-6:20pm) meet starts at 6;25 finish 7:50pm)

Session 3 Saturday  8/unders - 9/10 - 11-12 boys     (warm up 7;30-8:00 am) meet starts at 8:10am finish 10:10am)

Session 4 Saturday  11-12 girls - 13 & 14 girls          (warm up 10:25am-11am) meet starts at 11:05am finish 12:40am)

Session 5 Saturday  13 & over boys-15 & over girls  (warm up 1:00-1:30pm)meet starts at 1:35 finish at 3:25pm)

Session 6 Saturday 1650 free -13 & overs                (warm up in warm up pool 3:00-3;25pm)meet starts at 3:30-4;25pm  (refer to psyche sheet above)

Session 7 Sunday 8/unders, 9-10; 11-12 boys          (warm up 7:30am-8am) meet starts at 8:10am finish 9:40am

Session 8 Sunday 11-12 girls, 13-14 girls                (warm up 10am-10:30am)meet starts at 10:35am finish 11:56am

Session 9 Sunday 13 & over boys, 15 & over girls    (warm up 12:15-12:45am)meet starts at 12:50 finish at 2:20pm

Due to the COVID policies set by the City of Boise for indoor events, we will not beable to allow spectators for our swim meet. Each visiting team will need to fill the following volunteer positions during the swim meet. We know this policy is frustrating for all of our swimming families. We love having our stands filled with cheering supportive parents and family. We are just extremely happy we can host this event for all of our awesome swimmers.

Team support: Each team will be required to provide team support volunteers to help montor and support their team by enforcing mask wearing and helping swimmers getting to their races and assisting with relays. Teams with 10 or fewer in a session will need 1 volunteer, teams with 10 or more swimmers will need to have (2) volunteers. Volunteers will check in upon entering the aquatics facility and get a lanyard specific to their volunteer duties.

Timing assignments: Each visiting team will be assigned volunteer timing lanes for the meet. if you cannot fill those timing assignments please contact our meet director so we can fill those spots with Boise Y swim team parents. Timers will check in upon entering the aquatic center and get a timers lanyard.