Becoming a member of the Boise YMCA Swim Team means fun, fitness, and teamwork.  It also means a financial obligation to pay your monthly dues and other charges in a timely manner.  The following outlines what you can expect to pay as a member of the Boise YMCA Swim Team.  At first glance, it may seem as if the swim team is expensive.  However, when taking into account the hours of coaching your swimmer receives for their monthly dues, the swim team offers a reasonable team experience designed to promote self- esteem, self-discipline, and good sportsmanship.

YMCA MEMBERSHIP:  The swim team is a Treasure Valley Family YMCA program, each Swim Team member is to be a member of the Treasure Valley Y.  The membership fee varies depending on whether you have a youth or family membership.  Arrangements for becoming a Y member should be made at the front desk.  Your membership allows you full use of the Caldwell, Downtown Boise , South Meridian and West Boise facilities.  Currently, the youth (10-18) membership is $28.45 (includes tax) per month. There is no joining fee required for a youth membership. Click HERE for the Treasure Valley YMCA website. 

USA SWIMMING: As the Boise YMCA Swim Team is a member of USA Swimming, all members are required to pay a yearly membership fee. USA Swimming offers two types of annual memberships--Premium for 2022 is $76 or Outreach for 2022 is $7 (proof of need required).  All fees are explained in the registration module. The USA Swimming membership provides secondary health and accident insurance in case of injury during swim team practice and during swim meets. 



 Practice Group

 Monthly Fees


 $ 132.00


 $ 122.00


 $ 96.50


 $ 87.00

 Bronze I & II

 $ 77.00


 $ 66.00


FUNDRAISING/PROGRAM FEE:   Because of the expense of staffing three pools and providing a quality staff and program for almost 300 swimmers, monthly dues are not enough to cover the costs involved in running our swim team.  Therefore, the Boise YMCA Swim Team charges a Program Fee to all members, based on their practice group.  The Team offers two ways for swimmers to pay this fee, other than just writing a check.  Swimmers can participate in Aquathon.  Swimmers obtain pledges from neighbors, friends, and family for swimming a certain number of laps (max of 200 in 2 hours).  We will have a Swim-Off in late November when everyone can swim their laps.  Program Fee amounts for 2021-22 are as follows: Sockeye Group Swimmers = $100; Bronze and Silver Group Swimmers = $200; and Gold, Senior, and National Group Swimmers = $300.    


TEAM SERVICE:  (Currently Suspended thru Fall 2021We expect all families to help at home meets, away meets, and team events.  Each family is required to work a total of 12 hours per year--6 hours every 6 months (January-June and July-December).  Unfulfilled hours will be billed at $50 per hour on June 30 and December 31.  In addition, a $25 fee will be charged for anyone who signs up to volunteer and does not show up to their scheduled shift.


FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE:  Financial Assistance (FA) for Boise Y Swim Team monthly dues is available.  If you are in need of Financial Assistance, the swim team asks  you apply through the Treasure Valley Family YMCA for assistance with their membership fee.  Applications for Financial Assistance are available at the front desk.  Once you have been approved for assistance by the Treasure Valley Family YMCA, notify the Registrar of the swim team.  The Swim Team will then grant Financial Assistance at the same percentage and in the same method as the Treasure Valley Y. Financial Assistance provided by the swim team is not available for anything except monthly dues.  In addition, families on Financial Assistance are expected to fulfill their Service Requirement and to pay the Program Fee.  

LATE PAYMENT POLICY: Effective April 1, 2021Payment in full is due the 1st day of each month. If payment is not received by the 16th of the month, a late fee of 9% of monthly dues will be assessed. If full payment is not received by the 1st day of the following month, swimming privileges will be revoked until fees are paid in full. Invoices for all outstanding balances will be emailed by the 10th of each month.


LEAVE OF ABSENCE: Email [email protected]Any swimmer wishing to take a ‘voluntary’ leave of absence for any reason, other than high school swim season or medical necessity, must continue to pay their monthly fees for the months they are absent in order to guarantee their spot in their practice group upon returning. 


TEAM GEAR:   We require all swimmers purchase the Boise YMCA Swim Team suit, team t-shirts, and team cap.  These items are not required to be worn during practices, only during meets.  We highly recommend swimmers purchase the following:

  1. Sockeye ~ Swim Fins, Water Bottle, Mesh Bag
  2. Bronze I & II ~ Kickboard, Swim Fins, Water Bottle, Mesh Bag
  3. Silver, Gold, Senior, National ~ Kickboard, Swim Fins, Water Bottle, Paddles, Snorkel, Mesh Bag. 

SWIM MEETS: The Boise YMCA Swim Team hosts 2-3 swim meets each year.  In order to run these meets, we need parents to help.  We ask each swim team family, whether or not your swimmer is participating in the meet to take a timing shift or other job during these weekends.  Helping is a great way to meet new people and get involved in your child’s activity.  Swim meets are also major fund-raisers for the team.  Through the sale of t-shirts and heat sheets we generate needed funds to help with our fund raising goals. 

The average meet will cost a swimmer approximately $35-$60 in entry fees and may or may not be dependent upon the number of events entered.  Some host teams charge a fee based on the number of events entered and some teams charge a flat rate no matter how many events are entered.  Swimmers are billed for these entry fees.  Our team must pay the host club for all entry fees in advance.  


QUESTIONS: If you have further questions, contact coaching staff during non-practice times:

            Head Coach                                              Todd Marsh                      (P) 208.377.4886 ext. 426


            Head Site Coach, Tomlinson South           Linda Conger                   (P) 208.331.9622 ext. 656


            Head Site Coach, Downtown                    Vicki Marsh                     (P) 208.344.5502 ext. 425