Swimmers Who Qualify for Outreach - The Outreach Form is only for swimmers who qualify for Financial Assistance and who can provide proof of low income (see explanation below).  If you qualify, please send the Outreach form and proof of need as outlined below to the Team Admin.  

2020 USA Swimming Outreach* Registration Form
(USA Swimming Registration Fee is $7)

*USA Swimming provides an Outreach Registration Fee for low income swimmers.  This annual fee is $7.  In order to register at the $7 rate, families must provide a copy of the letter from your school district granting free or reduced hot lunch, a copy of your Medicaid card, a food stamp assistance program benefits letter, or other documentation consistent with income eligibility. 

If you qualify for the Outreach rate, please send your documentation to the Team Admin as soon as possible so she can insure you only end up paying $7 instead of the $72.  Mail to Patty Stratton; 2017 S. Roosevelt Street; Boise, ID 83705.