In order for our team to meet our yearly budget for 2019, we require all our members pay a Program Fee, payable in advance of the coming year.  The Program Fee amount you are required to pay at the end of this year is based on what practice group your swimmer has been placed in as of October 1.  The balance of your Program Fee not paid through your swimmer's fundraising will be billed to your account on the December 1, 2019, invoice and must be paid no later than December 15.  Click HERE to access an FAQ which explains more about the Program Fee.

Program Fees for the 2021 budget year will be as follows:

Sockeye I & Sockeye II Groups = $100
  Bronze, Silver, & High School Groups = $200

  Gold, Senior, & National Groups = $300


Besides just writing a check to pay the Program Fee, we are offering two ways for swimmers to do fundraising in order to pay the Program Fee.  If they choose, swimmers may combine both methods in order to raise their Program Fee amount.  Should your swimmer raise more than their required amount, the extra will go into our General Fund and not back into individual accounts.

Aquathon is a means of collecting donations for our swim team.   Swimmers can solicit pledges from neighbors, friends and family for laps to be swum at our annual Aquathon swim-off or swimmers can ask individuals and businesses for a donation to the team.  Unfortunately, only the donations received after the required Program Fee amount has been raised, will be tax-deductible.  

Aquathon will begin in October and run through the second week of November.  More specifics about Aquathon will be posted in the Members Section under the Aquathon tab as the Aquathon period gets closer.

SCRIP is offered throughout the year.  If you choose to participate in the SCRIP program anytime after December 1, all rebates will apply towards what will be your Program Fee for 2021.  The Scrip program for 2021 will end with the November 2020 order. 

While SCRIP may sound complicated, it is very easy and rewards swimmers for purchases they make every day in grocery stores, department stores, restaurants, etc.  Please download and print the following PDF files in order to find out how you can get started earning your goal amount for 2020 through the SCRIP program.  



(for 2021 Program Fee Obligation)
Order Due Date:
Order Delivery Date:  
December 3   December 6-10, 2019     
January 7, 2020   January 10-13, 2020  
February 11   February 14-17  
March 7   March 13-16  
April 7   April 10-13  
May 12   May 14-18  
June 9   June 12-15  
July 7   July 10-13  
July 28 for August  

July 31- August 1

September 8   September 11-14  
October 13   October 16-19  
November 10   November 13-16  
** November 11 - 30      

Scrip Now/Reload Only to count
toward 2021 Aquathon/Program Fee

** Last order to count toward 2020 Aquathon/Program Fee