Boise Y Swim Team Registration

New Members: 
Please click on the "How to Join the Boise Y Swim Team" button on the Boise Y Swim Team website Home page (click on the Home button at the left) for instructions on setting up a tryout and signing up for the team.    The Information and Registration packet can also be obtained on this page.  It contains all of the information you need to begin swimming for the Boise Y Swim Team.  Once you have read through the packet and your child has tried out with a member of the coaching staff and you have decided our team is the team for your child, click on the "Start Registration" link (located under the Sign-In button) for on-line registration or fill out the forms in the New Member packet. 

If, after reading the packet, you still have questions, please contact the Team Admin, Patty Stratton (376-1135) or

Monthly Fees: 
Please be aware the Boise Y Swim Team charges monthly program fees separate and apart from your YMCA membership fee.  These fees are outlined in the New Member packet or can be found on the Team Information link. Each family will receive a monthly bill via email on the 1st of each month. Entry fees, swim caps, and other miscellaneous items may be charged to your account as long as you pay your bill regularly.  Payments are due no later than the 10th of each month.

Swim Team fees may be charged on a credit card,  may be paid by bank draft, or may be paid by check.   If your credit card/bank number is left in the system, each month the entire balance of your swim team account will be charged to your credit card or deducted from your bank account until you remove the information from this website or until your account has been inactivated.  Checks may be mailed to The Boise Y Swim Team; c/o Patty Stratton; 2017 S. Roosevelt Street; Boise, ID 83705.

Existing or Returning Members: 
Each year, swimmers who are members of the team (other than those swimmers who join for the first time between September and December), must re-register.   Swimmers will be billed the USA Swimming Registration fee for the coming year on their October 1st invoice.  This fee must be paid in order for swimmers to continue practicing or competing with the team beyond December 31st.