Boise YMCA Swim Team Tryout Information


Downtown Boise YMCA - Saturday, August 28 10:00am-11:30am

West Boise YMCA - Friday, August 27 5:00-7:00pm & Saturday August 28 9:00-11:00am

Caldwell YMCA - Saturday, August 28 (Time TBA)

Tomlinson South Meridian YMCA - Friday, August 27 (Time TBA)

Pre-registration for tryouts is required. Please click on the email below to schedule your tryout. List the requested date (above), location and swimmers name, age, past swimming experience. We will respond back with your tryout time and information.

Email [email protected] for all YMCA locations



* Swimmers must have had previous swimming experience; swimmers must have completed Level 6 of the YMCA progressive swim lessons, Summer League or participated on a Novice/Summer League Swim Team, or transfer from a competitive YMCA or USA Swim Team.

Thank You