2018-19 Boise Y Swim Team Member Registration

Open for Returning Members

8/27/18 - 7/31/19

Open for New Members

8/27/18 - 7/31/19


Welcome to the Boise YMCA Swim Team Electronic Registration platform! We are pleased to not only offer electronic registration but also electronic payment processing for your monthly dues.  Team and USA Swimming Registration Instructions can be found below for New Swimmers, Swimmers who qualify for Outreach/Financial Assistance, Returning Swimmers, and Transfers.

The registration process will take about 15 minutes.  Please read each screen carefully so you understand the financial and time committments.   



Information on fees associated with joining the team, including Monthly Dues, Admin, and Program fees, can be found on the Team Information/Fees link.  A summary of all fees charged throughout the year can be found HERE

The Boise Y Team is a YMCA/USA Swim Team.  Therefore, all of our swimmers must be members of the Y and of USA Swimming.  Please go to the front desk of any Y to sign up for a Y membership.  All other swim team related fees cannot be paid at the Y but must be paid directly to the swim team. 

The following information applies to your swimmer?s USA Swimming membership and other team monetary requirements:

There are 3 types of USA Swimming memberships.  All swimmers must be USA Swimming members in order to practice/compete on our team. You must pay for at least one type of membership when you check out of the registration system.  The 3 types are as follows.  

  1. The 2019 Premium Membership is $70 and is an annual membership which expires December 31, 2019.  Swimmers with a Premium Membership can compete at as many meets as they wish and at any level.
  2. The 2019 Flex Membership is $20 and is limited to swimmers in the Sockeye II, I, Bronze, or High School groups.  This membership allows swimmers to participate in only two (2) sanctioned swim meets per membership year.  Additionally, swimmers with a Flex Membership cannot swim in the LSC Winter or Summer Championship Meets.  (Participation in approved or observed meets does not count against the 2 sanction meet limit--i.e. high school meets or Y Regionals).  Swimmers who register with a Flex Membership can upgrade to a Premium Membership at any time during the year by paying the $50 difference in membership fees.
  3. The 2019 Outreach Membership--a membership for those in need of financial assistance--is $7.  If your swimmer receives free or reduced hot lunch or is on Medicaid, he/she is probably eligible for the USA Swimming Outreach Membership Rate.  Please read about this membership (burgundy colored paragraph) below.

Boise Y Registration/New Member Fee:

  1. The Boise Y Swim Team charges all new swimmers a registration fee of $35.  This fee must be paid before the Team Admin will activate your account.
  2. This fee can be paid during the Registration process.

Boise Y Parent Service Agreement:

  1. The Boise Y Swim Team requires each family to help the team by working at swim meets or team activities such as the team banquet, team retreat, new member tryouts, etc.
  2. Families are asked to work 6 hours every 6 months.  Hours do not carry over from quarter to quarter.
  3. Hours not worked will be billed at $50/unfulfilled hour on June 30 and December 31.
  4. The Parent Service Agreement should be completed and submitted separately from your registration info.

Boise Y Monthly Dues, Financial Assistance, & Team Admin Fee

  1. All swimmers are charged monthly dues.  Unlike most Treasure Valley Family YMCA programs, the Boise Y Swim Team is responsible for paying all program costs including coach salaries, team travel, financial assistance, and operating expenses.  Therefore, the Boise Y Swim Team must charge each swimmer monthly dues.  The dues are dependent upon the group which your swimmer is placed in and will change as your swimmer moves from group to group.  Monthly dues are billed on an 11 month basis--we do not bill for August.  2018-19 dues are as follows: Sockeye II - $64.00; Sockeye I - $66.00; Bronze - $77.00; High School - $77;.00 Silver - $87.00; Gold - $96.50; Senior - $122.00; and National - $132. 
  2. Monthly dues are charged at the end of the month for the following month.  A discount will be given families with multiple swimmers.  (Please see Fees page for details.)
  3. The Boise Y Swim Team offers Financial Assistance to swimmers who are also receiving FA from the YMCA.  (Please see Fees page for details.)
  4. The Team Admin Fee is a yearly fee charged all members on January 1.  This fee is $48 and pays for all relay fees your swimmer may have throughout the year at all meets.  This fee also helps us cover miscellaneous costs incurred in running the team.
  5. A full explanation of all fees you can expect to pay throughout the year can be found on our Team Info/Fees page.

Boise Y Required Program Fee/Fundraising:

  1. In order for our team to meet our yearly budget, we require all of our members to pay a Program Fee, payable in advance of the coming year.
  2. The Program Fee can be raised by participating in the team?s Aquathon and/or Scrip programs.  Any portion of the fee not raised by Aquathon/Scrip will be billed to accounts on December 1.
  3. The fee is prorated for those swimmers who join the team after January 1.
  4. Information on the Program Fee, Aquathon, and Scrip can be found HERE.

Other Team Information:

  1. Practice group explanations and expectations, the current practice schedules for each Y, information on Y memberships, financial assistance, fundraising, etc. are also posted on the Team Info tab.

To Register for the Team:

  1. Complete the Online Registration Form
  2. Complete and submit the Parent Service Agreement.  This online agreement should open up a new window which can be submitted separately.  Once you submit it, please return to the registration checkout area.
  3. Enter your Credit Card info into system and pay the appropriate fee of $105 for Premium ($70 for USA Swimming plus $35 for New Member); $55 for Flex ($20 for USA Swimming plus $35 for New Member); or $42 for Outreach ($7 for USA Swimming plus $35 for New Member).
  4. Send a check to the Team Admin made out to the Boise Y Swim Team to cover your New Member Start-Up Fee (if you do not charge your fees to a credit card during the registration process) and include a copy of your low income eligibility documentation (if applying for Outreach) to our Team Admin Patty Stratton (2017 S. Roosevelt Street; Boise, ID 83705).  Again, your registration will not be considered complete until proof of low income eligibility (if applicable) AND payment are received.

Upon completion of your registration and the receipt of your forms and fees, you will be given access to your own private account which will enable you to easily declare and sign-up for swim meets, sign-up for parent volunteer jobs, see your children's swim times history, maintain your own contact information, and more.

Swimmers Who Qualify for Outreach (Financial Assistance):

The Outreach Form is only for swimmers who qualify for Financial Assistance and who can provide proof of low income (see explanation below).  If you qualify, please send the Outreach form and proof of need as outlined below to the Team Admin.  

2019 USA Swimming Outreach* Registration Form
(Click link above to access form.  USA Swimming Registration Fee is $7)

*USA Swimming provides an Outreach Registration Fee for low income swimmers.  This annual fee is $7.  In order to register at the $7 rate, families must provide a copy of the letter from your school district granting free or reduced hot lunch, a copy of your Medicaid card, a food stamp assistance program benefits letter, or other documentation consistent with income eligibility.  If you qualify for the Outreach rate and do not pay online, please send a check for $42 ($7 plus $35 Joining Fee) with your documentation. 

Transferring from Another Club? 

Transfers: If you are already a member of USA Swimming for 2019 and are transferring from another team, please complete the Transfer Form (posted below).  You do not need to pay the USA Swimming Registration Fee if you are already registered for 2019 but swimmers transferring from another Snake River Club will be charged a $10 transfer fee.  If transferring to the team after January 1, 2019 and before September 1, 2019, you can expect to pay the Team Joining Fee ($35), the Team Admin Fee ($48), and the Team Program Fee (dependent upon your swimmer's practice group).  Both the Team Admin Fee and Team Program Fee will be prorated based on the number of months left in the year.

Athlete Transfer Form
(Click link above to access form.)

Current and Returning Swimmers:  Please Read!

Returning Members Whose Account Is Currently Inactive: Please contact the Team Admin (admin@boiseyswimteam.org) before trying to complete this online registration.  Your account needs to be activated in order for you to resume swimming on the team.  You must complete all screens in this registration module and pay the 2019 USA Swimming Registration Fee in order to begin practicing with the team again.  You do not need to pay the Team Joining Fee unless you have been off the team longer than 2 years. 

Please update your account information, go through the screens and agree to our team policies, and complete the online Parent Volunteer Form.    

(Please Note:  If you have been off the team less than 2 years, you do not need to pay the "New Member Joining Fee" upon check out BUT you must pay the USA Swimming Registration fee.  If your swimmer is returning from a short Leave of Absence, no need to complete the online registration for New Members.  Please contact the Team Admin (admin@boiseyswimteam.org) and ask her to reactivate your account.)

Parents must submit the Parent Volunteer form or your swimmer will not be activated in the system.

Returning members will be billed the current year's Program Fee on a prorated basis upon joining the team and will have two months to pay the fee once it is billed to your account.