Frequently Asked Questions

Why swim?

The United States of America Swimming (USAS) swimming program is America’s largest program of guided fitness activity for children. Swimming builds a strong foundation for a lifetime of good health by teaching healthy fitness habits.  


How do I sign up?

We offer a free week-long trial and online registration after that.  For the free trial, you need to fill out a USA Swimming Registration form, provide a copy of your swimmer's birth certificate, and sign liability waiver forms and attach a check for the USA swimming Registration in the amount of $61.  All forms and check will be returned to you at the end of the tryout week if you decide not to join the team.  For online registration, you will go to our online system and register there.


How long do I have to decide if my child wants to swim for Portneuf Valley Swim Team?

Portneuf Valley Swim Team provides a one week tryout period for you to decide if the benefit of becoming a competitive swimmer is right for your child.


Are the swimmers insured?

Yes. Each swimmer is insured through USA Swimming. It is required of all PVST swimmers that they have a current USA Swimming  membership. This membership not only supports swimming throughout the country, it also provides secondary accident and medical insurance for every swimmer and every club.

Each swimmer is covered at any organized practice of Portneuf Valley Swim Team and every competition that is USAS sanctioned.


What are the monthly fees?

The annual registration fee for USA Swimming is $63.  USAS registration is valid for one year and is good through December of the following year if purchased after September 1.

 Little Squids - $40/mo                                                                                           

Kraken Kids - $50/mo                                                                                                   

Blue - $55/mo                                                                                                      

Junior - $80/mo                                                                                                          

Senior 2 - $80/mo                                                                                                        

Senior 1 - $125 (coach approval required)                                                                                                     

Masters - $35/mo


In addition, all swimmers must purchase a membership at the Community Recreation Center.  Youth membership is $21 per month, then $21/month for second member, and $5/month for additional members.  Tiger Aquatic Club does not process CRC memberships or fees; this is handled directly at the Community Recreation Center desk.  


What do my fees cover?

The fees cover coaches’ salaries and wages, travel support for championship level swim meets (Sectionals and above), club administrative, equipment, and material costs and other expenses associated with running a USAS club.


How will I be billed?

Accounts will be billed on the first of each month.  Your invoice will be posted online and you may view it by logging in to your account.  You may pay online manually or have your fees automatically charged to your credit card.  You also may pay by cash or check by mailing or dropping off the fee at the PVST mailbox in the CRC.  The mailbox is just inside the double doors of the rec center and located to your left on the wall across from the registration desk. 


How will I know about the team’s happenings?

The team communicates through the use of emails and our web site,


How do I sign up for swim meets?

Meet information is provided prior to each meet on the Events portion of our website. You must log in and go to the specific event to "sign up".  Follow the directions and you may also choose events to swim.  Coaches will review and approve or adjust events.


Do I need to sign up for relays for upcoming swim meets?

No. Relay teams are decided by the coach depending on the number of swimmers attending in each age group. If a swimmer is placed on a relay they are expected to swim on the relay.


Is parent involvement required?

Yes! We could not run this team without you! Parents are expected to contribute time at swim meets in timing positions, officiating, and other designated tasks.  At home swim meets, parents will fill roles from concessions to computer table - these events take full participation from every family on our team (whether your child is swimming or not).  Not only does hosting a local meet give our athletes a chance to race without the cost of hotels and travel expenses, it raises money to help support our webpage, advertising and other budgetary items that we would have to pass on to our members.


What should I bring to a swim meet?

You should bring at least 2 towels, water bottles, healthy snacks/food. Games, cards, homework, books, coloring books are great ways to fill the time between events. For outdoor meets, blankets, canopies and chairs are great to have. Most meets will have a concessions stand with snacks, drinks and limited meal items.


Do I need to buy team apparel?

Team caps are required for swim meets and practice.  Caps are available from your coach.  One free latex cap is given at registration.  Silicone caps are $15

How long is the PVST season?

We are a year round USA Swimming swim club. Our main season is short course yards, and that is from September through March. Our second season is long course meters, begins a couple of weeks later, and goes until the end of July. The team usually takes the last 2 weeks of August off, due to maintenance closure of the Community Recreation Center, and resumes again after Labor Day.


Where do I go if I have questions or concerns about my child and their swimming?

Please contact your child's coach or the head coach first.  If your questions or concerns are not adequately addressed, please notify a board member.


What kind of fundraising does PVST do?

Our main fundraiser is the Swim Challenge held in the fall.  All swimmers are required to participate in this fundraiser or pay the buy-out fee.   If your swimmer does not participate and you do not pay the fee, your account will be billed the appropriate dollar amount.  We plan to have many other ways to fundraise this year.  We will have an Applebee's breakfast fundraiser and also we plan to have a swim outlet link on our site.  Save your receipts when you buy through swim outlet and 8% will go back to the team and will be applied to your fundraising.  Who doesn't need new gear?  Receipts will go to Heather Clarke and you can drop them in the PVST mailbox with a note that 8% applies to your fundraising.