Portneuf Valley Swim Team Fall 2022
New Swimmer Information and Registration


        Thank you for your interest in joining the Krakens!  We swim September through July with no minimum or maximum months or practices required to be a part of the team. To help you navigate our program, here is some pertinent information to help you get started:



Each Friday, starting September 9th at the City Rec. Center, your swimmer can be evaluated for placement on the swim team. There is NO COST or obligation to come and have your swimmer evaluated.

Please email  [email protected] before coming so we can schedule accordingly. 

Elementary age swimmers – Between 3:15 and 4:00 We will have your swimmer get in the pool, for about 5 minutes, and show us the swim skills they know. 

Middle and High School age swimmers can actually try out the team without an evaluation.  Please come any Monday - Friday from 4:00 to 4:45 pm.


TRY OUR TEAM ONE WEEK FREE*:  We allow new swimmers one week to try the team without any cost or obligation to join, to ensure it is something they want to continue before you start getting invoices.
*Does not apply to the Little Squids group



GROUP DESCRIPTIONSFor group descriptions and options for what group you want your child / children to swim in, please visit the Practice Groups Descriptions page.

Elementary age swimmers choose either: Little Squids, Kraken Kids, Blue or Gray

Middle and High School age swimmers choose either: Junior II, Junior I, Senior, Jr. National or National


PRACTICE SCHEDULE:  If your swimmer will be in the Little Squids or Kraken Kids group please email [email protected] and notify us which of the practice times you would like them to be in.

For all other swim schedule times, please visit the Swim Schedules Page to see times and days for practice schedules. Again, your swimmer is not obligated to attend a certain amount of practices each week or month.



To help your swimmer be ready to get in the water, please visit our Swimmer Info page, outlining what to wear, what to bring, and how to navigate the City Rec Center.




FEE SCHEDULE*:  Please visit the Fees page to see information on monthly fees, fundraising, Rec. Center Membership, USA Swimming’s annual Insurance and Swim Meet fees.

Note: All swimmers MUST be members of the Community Recreation Center (CRC) to swim for PVST. Membership is $21 per month for the first youth member in a family, $21/month for the next family member, and $5/month per person after that.  Fees are paid through automatic bank account withdrawals and all members must have a membership card which is $5. Swimmers must scan their cards to enter the CRC. This membership includes all CRC membership privileges. (PVST does not process CRC memberships—please visit CRC Front Desk to set up your membership.)

*Little Squids pay an additional $11 in lieu of a Rec. Center Membership if not already a member.

**Masters may pay an additional $15 in lieu of a Rec. Center Membership unless they are already a member.



PVST utilizes QuickBooks for invoicing and payments. 

Please do not enter credit /debit card info when registering your swimmer on Team Unify, as we do not use them for billing. 

Around the 1st of the month, you will receive an invoice from QuickBooks with a link that you can pay online with debit card, credit card or bank draft. There is no obligation to swim every month, you decide when it fits into your schedule.  Please notify [email protected] if you don’t plan on swimming in the upcoming month so you don’t get invoiced. 


*SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE:  We do have a scholarship fund set aside, please contact [email protected] for more information.




Prior to registering, make sure to read the Group Descriptions to sign up for the appropriate group. 

ONE MORE REMINDER: when registering your swimmer on Team Unify, please do not enter credit / debit card information. All billing will be sent through QuickBooks.