To deal with a Safe Sport concern, contact USA Swimming at 719-866-4578 or REPORT SAFE SPORT CONCERN.

Contact the U.S. Center of Safe Sport to make a report.  Call 720-524-5640 or use the online reporting form HERE or find more information at US Center of Safe Sport.

Portneuf Valley Swim Team Safe Sport Coordinator: Karen Homstad 208-282-6152 or [email protected]l

Safe Sport Best Practice Guidelines: CLICK HERE

PVST Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) Policy: CLICK HERE

PVST Parent Code of Conduct: CLICK HERE

PVST Grievance Procedures: CLICK HERE

PVST Locker Room Policy:  CLICK HERE

PVST Athlete Code of Conduct:  /srtac/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/pvst-athlete-code-of-conduct_040489.docx

PVST Anti-Bullying Policy:  /srtac/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/pvst-anti-bullying-policy_052349.docx



  • All athletes who turn 18 years of age  must complete the Athlete Protection Training in order to compete.  Go to and complete the 3 required courses.
  • Impacts all current athlete members who will be turning 18, or are already 18 or older
  • Athlete Protection Training (APT) must be completed to be in good standing
  • 30 days prior to turning 18, athlete member will receive an email notification to complete APT
  • On 18th birthday, athlete member will receive an email notification to complete APT
  • 30 days after turning 18, athlete member will receive email notification to complete APT
  • Athlete member’s record will be flagged if not completed (the same as it currently does with non-athletes)
  • Error messages will appear on meet recon reports if athlete member has not completed APT (something like “Athlete has not completed APT”)
  • Deck Pass member card will not be available if athlete has not completed APT (the same as it currently works with all other member types who are not in good standing)
  • If an athlete’s Deck Pass and/or member record are flagged for not completing APT, they will NOT be able to compete; however, it won’t prevent them from entering a meet
  • A link to and will be available on USA Swimming’s website under FOR YOU > Athlete

WHAT DO NON-ATHLETE USA SWIMMING MEMBERS NEED TO DO TO COMPLY WITH THE POLICY? (Non-Athlete members include coaches, officials, chaperons, etc.)

  • All non-athlete USA Swimming Members will be required to take the APT class designed for them.