Spring/Summer PVST 2023 Fee Schedule


Monthly Fee if Annual Fundraising Goal Met*

Little Squids*


Kraken Kids






Junior II


Junior I



Jr. National








Additional Fees:

Fundraising: $20 a month per family. $10 for Little Squids. (see details below)

Rec. Center Membership: $21 a month, family rates may be less. $11 for Little Squids (see details below)

USA Swimming Insurance:  $78/YEAR or $30/YEAR for Flex for 12 & Under swimmers (see details below)

Swim Meets: Participation not required, see details below.

SCHOLORSHIPS AVAILABLE:  We do have a scholarship fund set aside, please contact me for more information ([email protected]). 


All FAMILIES are required to raise $200 in ANNUAL fundraising.  A $20 monthly charge will be billed for each FAMILY until the annual $200 is met either through fundraising activities or through monthly billing.  Second and subsequent swimmer(s) in each family WILL NOT be charged the $20 each month.

Masters have no fundraising requirement although more than welcome to help! 

Families only with a single Little Squid swimmer are required to raise $100 in annual fundraising or $10 a month.


All swimmers MUST be members of the Community Recreation Center (CRC). Membership is $21 per month for the first youth member in a family, $21/month for the next family member, and $5/month per person after that.  Fees are paid through automatic bank account withdrawals and all members must have a membership card which is $5. Swimmers must scan their cards to enter the CRC. This membership includes all CRC membership privileges. (PVST does not process CRC memberships—this is set up directly with the CRC.)

*Little Squids pay an additional $11 in lieu of a Rec. Center Membership if not already a member.

**Masters pay an additional $15 in lieu of a Rec. Center Membership if not already a member.


Annual USA Swimming Insurance Requirements

USA Swimming Registration has changed for the new swim year.  All existing swimmers are covered until December 31, 2022.  All new swimmers will need to register directly with USA Swimming through a link on our webpage.  USA Swimming FLEX Registration fee of $30/year will be offered for swimmers 12 years and younger and only allows them 2 swim meets and excludes Championship meets.  Premium membership is required for all other swimmers and cost is $78.00 and includes unlimited number of meets and Championship meets. 


Swim Meets are NOT REQUIRED but will be encouraged.  There is an additional charge for swim meets.  The fees are set by the swim team hosting the meet but will typically cost ~$20-$30 per day per swimmer based on the number of events for which he/she is registered.  Away meets are optional. There will be a $15/day Swimmer surcharge for local meets in (Pocatello, Lava, Idaho Falls), and $30/day Swimmer surcharge for travel meets (Boise, Twin Falls, Utah, Montana) to cover actual costs incurred for Coach travel expenses and will be added to your invoice. This helps pay for the coaches we send to the meets.


PVST utilizes QuickBooks for invoicing and payments. 

Please do not enter credit /debit card info when registering your swimmer on Team Unify, as we do not use them for billing. 

Around the 1st of the month, you will receive an invoice from QuickBooks with a link that you can pay online with debit card, credit card or bank draft. There is no obligation to swim every month, you decide when it fits into your schedule.  Please notify [email protected] if you don’t plan on swimming in the upcoming month so you don’t get invoiced.