Swim Challenge 2019-2020
Swim Challenge 2019/20
NOV 15
Time: 3:30 PM
144 Wilson Ave. Pocatello, ID 83201
Jill Long Email
Please join us for our annual team fundraiser. It's a great opportunity to bring family and friends together for some fun while supporting our team.

How does our fundraiser work?
Our fundraiser is similar to ones used by swim teams all over the United States to raise money for their respective team. To raise money, swimmers receive pledges and donations from family members, friends, neighbors, and local businesses.

This is a family event. Parents of the younger swimmers help count laps and keep track of times. We hope that everyone is able to get the whole family involved. The older swimmers' involvement may also include helping count laps and encouraging the younger swimmers.

Participants | Rank 0/59
$320.00 James Heberlein
$300.00 Kian Bennett
$270.00 Rachel Long
$270.00 Benjamin Long
Top Roster (amount)
$690.00 National
$520.00 Kraken Kids
$476.00 Gray
$300.00 Senior
$236.00 Junior