Pacific Swimming


What does this mean?  There is no way to tell whether swimmers have Olympic potential when they are very young and just beginning the sport of competitive swimming.  Because of this we treat all swimmers as Olympic possibilities.  We give the swimmers the correct skill acquisition and proper training for their age with the goal of being the best they can be right now but also with the team goal of having a big upside for their future.

At SRVA, young swimmers are placed in training groups based on age and ability until the early teenage years when they are placed into training groups based on attitude, workout attendance, meet attendance and work ethic.  This usually happens as they enter high school.

Why choose SRVA?  We are the program that develops International Competitors with long term, happy, healthy, successful careers.  Nobody ever won an Olympic medal between eight and twelve years of age.  What an athlete does between eight and twelve years of age has huge impact on their long term success.  What they do between 13 and 17 is even more important.   If a swimmer's career is not planned well, the red hot young swimmer will just be another older athlete with unfulfilled potential. 

Because of the way we do things at SRVA, we do not have to deal with this issue.  SRVA swimmers are improving dramatically in their late teenage years and they do quite well transitioning to College swimming. 

Happy, healthy, long term, successful swim careers for every swimmer on the team is our goal. Because of the way the program is set up, we achieve that goal.  SRVA is happy, healthy swimmers that are always improving.  Not everyone can make an Olympic Team but everyone can be Olympian in their daily experiences.