Pacific Swimming


Workouts will be posted here for master group swimmers to utilize during lap swim.  These workouts will get progressively harder as we get back into shape.  Feel free to modify to your desired yardage or intensity. We have a fresh start at swimming.  Let’s be mindful of our old habits that we were trying to remove and new habits that we are trying to create. Good habits:

  1. Streamline+dolphin kicks off every wall
  2. Don’t breath on the first stroke
  3. Maintain good body position: if you’re feeling your body position slip due to fatigue, take some rest
  4. Understanding areas of the stroke to relax and areas of the stroke to push. Think equal and opposite reactions, push down to go up, push back to go forward.
  5. Rotate

Bad habits:

  1. Laziness
  2. Lack of focus/intention
  3. Loose streamline/body position
  4. Pulling before establishing catch position



Warm up:
5×100 free @ :40 sr
Get your feeling back. See where you stand with your pacing

3×150 mixers @:40 sr
Every lap different than the last. Choose strokes/drills that help you feel confident in the water.

50 build
Put some speed on your stroke without losing the water

Main set:
4x100 free progressive @ :30 sr
*30 seconds bonus rest*
4x100 hold the pace you just progressed to @ :30 sr

Warm down:
200 (25 back/25 free)

Total Yardage: 2000


300 swim (keep your focus on body position and streamlines)
200 drill (mix different drills and strokes)
100 kick

4×75 @ :05sr
#1 (25 right side kick / 50 swim)
#2 (25 left side kick / 50 swim)
#3 (25 six kick switch / 50 swim)
#4 (25 triple switch / 50 swim)

3×300 full recovery after each 300
Do these to try to remember how it feels to get into “the zone”.  When you get there, you should feel
comfortable and sustainable.  Feel free to alter this yardage if necessary.

200 warm down
(25 back/25 free)