Do you have to be a fast swimmer to make the team?
No. The Dolphins are open to anyone with an interest in swimming who can meet the minimum requirements. Although some swimmers will go on to swim in college and at national meets, many others will simply have a lot of fun, get great exercise and compete against other swimmers at the same level as themselves. Unlike some sports there are no "benchwarmers" in swimming.

What are the minimum requirements to make the team?
The swimmer should be able to swim one length of the pool (25 yards) freestyle and backstroke. The swimmer must be at least five years old.

What are the cost to swim on the team?
Each swimmer is billed monthly for a Training Fee. Fees vary by swimmer, and are based on the Training Group which they are assigned. Each swimmer must also pay an annual registration fee of $99.

What equipment does my child need?
Practice suits, goggles, a swim cap (provided). Suits and goggles can be purchased at Sylvia's Swimwear or SwimOutlet.Com.

How long is the "team" season?
The Dolphins swim year runs from the first week of September through the first week in August.

How often are meets held?
Most swimmers can expect to be offered the opportunity to swim in 8 to 12 meets per year.  We try to space the meets approximately 3 weeks apart.

How much does it cost to enter a meet?
Each meet is different. Usually there is a surcharge and a per event charge. A typical per event charge is $4.00 per event.

How do I register my swimmer for a meet?
Swimmers are automatically registered for meets they are qualified for. See the Meet / Events Scheduleto determine which meets your swim group attends. Coaches will also register the swimmers into their events. Families have the chance to review the events prior to the regisration deadline.

Are meets required?
All swimmers will be registered for the meets they qualify for. All Dolphin swimmers have the options of declining a meet. But, most swimmers enjoy measuring their progress by swimming in meets once they get over the initial anxiety. Think of it like a test in school. After attending classes all week you have a test to find out what you know and what you still need to learn. It is also a great social time for the swimmers and parents - a time to celebrate all of their hard work and to bond as a team.

What is meant by "Short Course" and "Long Course"?
The terms refer to the length of the pool. Short Course is a 25 yard pool and Long Course is a 50 meter pool. However, the names are also used for the two seasons in USA Swimming. September to March is the Short Course season when meets are held in 25 yard pools. April to August is the Long Course season, as meets usually are held in 50 meter pools.

How often should my swimmer attend practice to get faster?
We offer a number of Training Groups with a number of different practice times to suit the level of the swimmer. We strive to offer the best coaching and training environment in all of PNS. But the bottom line is this, the more you swim, the faster you get.

Is SSCD too competitive?
SSCD is designed to provide the opportunity for all interested swimmers to participate in competitive swimming at whatever level they choose. Our program strives to provide the opportunity for those who want to be recreationally competitive and also the opportunity to pursue the Olympic Dream.