SSCD Financial Responsibilities and Commitments
Annual Registration Fee is $225 per swimmer.  This does not include the USA Swimming Registration fee.
Monthly Training Fee Charged monthly (except August) as follows:


  • $190.00 Bronze Group
  • $240.00 Silver Group                                                                                         
  • $270.00 Gold Group
  • $240.00 High School Training Group
  • $315.00 Senior Group
  • $375.00 High Performance Group
Fundraising Commitment is $150.00 Per Family to be raised during the Team Swim-A-Thon
Families who “opt out” will be charged $150.00.
Volunteer Commitment is 2 sessions (1 for Dolphins) at each SSCD hosted swim meet.  Volunteer sessions are required even if swimmer is not competing in the meet.  Failure to complete your volunteer sessions will result in a $200 penalty fee per session not completed, charged May 1st. 
SSCD Surcharge Fee of $10.00 - SSCD Administration fee per meet
Meet Surcharge Fees and Meet Entry Fees vary and can be found on the meet information page.  These fees are collected by SSCD and paid to meet host.
The cost for meet entries and surcharges are established by the Host team.  This information is accessed by clicking on the Host meet name under the “Meets/Events” tab on the SSCD website.  There may also be an additional link under the Meet name with more information.
Please note… the fees and commitments outlined above have been agreed to by each family as part of the registration requirements for the SSCD team.  
Training fees are billed monthly, and fees are not pro-rated.  Members wishing to be removed from the team for a given month and avoid being billed for those months need to contact the Treasurer ([email protected]) 15 days prior to the start of the billing cycle to avoid the being billed for the following month's training fees.