Registering For Meets:

SSCD Meet Participation Policy – Updated 8-28-16

In order to improve meet participation for SSCD swimmers, monitor individual progress effectively, and improve our competitiveness as a PNS team, we are implementing the following meet participation policy:

SSCD swimmers in the HP, SR, Gold, Silver, and Bronze groups are expected to attend all meets on the published schedule unless cleared with your coach prior to the entry deadline (and there should be a good reason).

The most important meets on the fall-winter schedule are:


 Age Group Regionals

 PNS Champs (or Spring Divisionals, for those that have not yet achieved AG Regional times).

All SSCD swimmers who are qualified are expected to attend these meets unless there are extenuating circumstances of which your coach has been made aware.

We understand that many SSCD swimmers are involved in multiple activities and there will be occasional conflicts when a swimmer cannot attend a meet. We are OK with this so long is it is communicated to your coach. As a courtesy to the coaching staff we ask that you notify your group coach as far in advance as possible when unable to attend a meet on the schedule. 

RELAYS: Relay swimmers will be selected by coaches from available swimmers at each meet. Coaches will make every attempt to notify swimmers in advance of meet when possible. Relay swimmers may be selected based on factors other than who has the fastest time. These factors include maximizing relay points by splitting fastest swimmers on A and B relays, or replacing a swimmer with another who the coach has reason to believe may give a better performance. All SSCD swimmers are expected to swim on relays in which they are assigned unless there are extenuating circumstances. Relays are important to team building and team success.  

Meet Conduct:

1.  Please plan on arriving at the pool at least 15 minutes before warm-up to  park, find a place to sit, and get settled.

2. Dolphin swimmers are expected to sit together as a team, enter the water for warm-up together as a team, and wear the team uniform (cap and suit).

3. Parents are asked to not coach from the stands. 

4. After each swim, swimmers should check in with an SSCD coach on deck before warming down.

5. Deck entries are allowed whenever it is feasible.  But, if a swimmer misses a swim/event for a deck entry they are entered in, that swimmer may forfeit the opportunity for deck entries at the next meet.

6. Members of a relay team are expected to stay with their relay team until the last swimmer finishes.

7. Swimmers and families should plan on bringing the right gear for each meet.  This may include towels (lots),  cap, goggles (2 pair),  a sweatshirt to stay warm, a water bottle,  downtime activities like cards or a book to read, a folding chair, and healthy food and snacks. 

8. Check out this article by USA Swimming on "Fueling for Peformance."  With these guidelines in mind, please avoid all junk food before and during meets.

9.  We encourage all swimmers and parents to wear their Dolphin gear with pride!  We love to hear cheering and applause from the stands as we root each other on to best times and swimming success!

What should I expect?

1. To Arrive Early! Plan on arriving 30 minutes early to get parking (this can be a problem at some meets), find a place to sit, and allow time for swimmers to change and make it to warm up on time!

2. To Hang Out! Meets can last for hours and hours. So, bring your book, a deck of cards, scrabble, Sodoku, homework, whatever!  You will need something to fill the time between swims.  This "down time" is also a great chance to cheer for other swimmers and get to know your team mates and/or other parents.

3. To Pay Attention! Missing swims is disappointing for everyone.  Usually swimmers miss swims because they are distracted, usually because they are off somewhere in the locker room or concession stand.  One helpful method is to use a permanant marker to write events and heats on the swimmer's arm... yes their arm... so they always have their information close "at hand."  So, keep an eye on the time and event number and be sure to get to lined up with cap and goggles on!

4. To Encouage! As a parent your job is to say "Good Job" and "Way to Go" and "Did you have fun" or sometimes "Nice Try!"  Let the coaches do the coaching and to work with your swimmer on his or her technique and goals.  Your job is love and encouragement. Meets can be a great time to connect with your child!

5. To Volunteer! Each family should plan on putting in 1-2 sessions of volunteer hours for each hosted SSCD meet. Even non-SSCD hosted meets occasionally need some SSCD volunteers, usually in the capacity of timers.  The Dick LaFave meet, our biggest fundraiser requires a commitment of at least 1 session per family.