Death Valley Open Water Championships

Benji DeMotte

Excel Swimmer Cam Richardson Sighting the Next Buoy


Congratulations to all our Excel Swimmers who competed in the Death Valley Open Water Championships this weekend. 

These swimmers (and their families) had a busy weekend. Most of them spent Friday rafting on the Ocoee river where ALMOST all of them stayed in the rafts. The water was a cool 65 degrees which gave them plenty of motivation to not fall out. 

The next day we had a total of 55 swimmers enter the race in Clemson, South Carolina in two different categories:
15-18 5K race

11-12 3K race

Congratulations to the following swimmers who won their races:

Montse Speilmann 1st in the 13-14 Girls out of state 13-14 5K- 1:12:22

Nicole Caruso 1st in the 15-18 Girls out of state 5K- 1:07:38

Zara Kocak 1st in the 11-12 Girls out of state 3k- 42:48

Zaki Ibrahim 1st in the 11-12 Boys out of state 3k- 46:33


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