2021 Olympic Trials- Day 2

Benji DeMotte

Olympic Trials  Day #2

Today was the final day of prep for Spencer as we get ready for tomorrow’s race. Started the day at an Old Market coffee shop and then made our way to the pool. Once we got through the temperature checks and the metal detectors, we had a straight shot to the competition pool for warm up. As this pool was built especially for trials, Myrtha Pools designed it to be the fastest pool ever built and Spencer was thinking about that as he jumped in for the first time. 

After warming up in the competition pool, Spencer put on his TYR suit for the first time and did some starts in the warm up pool as a final tune up. Normally he is about 6 seconds to the 15m mark but this morning he was 5.5 so we’re feeling pretty confident about tomorrow.

An interesting note about Trials- Since a large majority of the swimmers have to work so hard to qualify, almost no swimmers are dropping time. In fact, for all four heats of the Men’s 400 this morning, there were ZERO trial cuts accomplished. That means that not only did nobody improve, but also those swimmers substantially under the cut before, added enough to not qualify for the meet. 


However, all the swimmers here are aware of that dynamic and are calculating that in their strategies. Spencer specifically is thinking about how consistent he has been in his last couple of races and how many spots he can move up if he can continue with that trend.

The light show and music for finals is amazing. Watching these athletes walk out of the tunnel to race while the music was pumping got both of us fired up. 

Remember that Spencer’s 50 free is tomorrow at 10:37am (CST) so logon to watch him go!



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