Excel Swimmer Nicole Caruso to Serve on USA Swimming's Club Development Committee

Benji DeMotte

Congratulations to Nicole Caruso who has just been chosen to serve on USA Swimming's Club Development Committee. We are extremely proud of her representation both at the LSC and now National level.

We asked her for some thoughts:

Two years ago, I joined the southeastern swimming athletes committee, and immediately fell in love with it, taking advantage of every opportunity I could to become more involved with the “dry side” of swimming. The degree to which USA swimming involves its athletes is unique and special, and it seemed a shame to take something like that for granted when I could instead “give back” in some small way (beyond the pool) to the sport that had given so much to ME. This year, there was an election for southeastern swimming athlete rep, and I ran and won! This meant that I joined another one of our excel aquatics athletes, Zoe Summar, and two other swimmers from the LSC to plan LSC events, budgets, meetings, etc., as well as getting the privilege to vote on legislation and governance at USA swimming’s yearly convention. From there, I was able to connect with swimmers from across the country. I was offered a position to be on a national “working group” shortly after the convention, where me and three other members collaborate to facilitate an awards program to encourage, reward, and motivate athlete involvement in USA swimming legislation. In October, the opportunity arose for me to apply for “the big kahuna,” a national committee. After my application was reviewed, I was handpicked from other applicants across the country to serve on the national club development committee! I am very excited and blessed, especially given that I am a relative newcomer to all of this. My goal is to help create clubs as wonderful as Excel Aquatics, and I hope that each club is able to provide the support that this team has always given to me. I’m excited to get to work! - Nicole