Watch Excel Battle SES Teams for the Top Spot!

Benji DeMotte

The last 10 years of the SES

The Southeastern LSC (SES- our home conference) is unique as most LSCs are confined to all of, or part of a single state. In fact all of our bordering states except Alabama, have their own LSC. There are also larger states that have more than one LSC. Florida for example, has Florida Swimming, Gold Coast and a piece of SES. 

So for our LSC to encompass Tennessee, Alabama and the panhandle of Florida is extremely unique. The size means that the number of teams and the talent is higher in the SES than most others. Our LSC is consistently represented at the highest levels of age group. NCAA and national competitions. Furthermore, we are blessed with multiple competitive teams not only in the SES but even right here in central Tennessee. 

The attached video compresses the last decade of USA Swimming Virtual Club Championship rankings down to 30 seconds. Enjoy watching our local teams battle for the top spots!

Watch Here