General Information

1.     All STA swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming.  USA Swimming registration fees are due at the same time of your first STA registration fees.    

2.     Swimmers that were not registered with USA Swimming previously must also bring a copy of their birth certificate or other official proof of birth.

3.     Swimmers that have not swam with STA before must try out and have the approval of the Coaching Staff to join the team.

4.     Registration forms can be obtained on the STA Website.

5.   Completed registration forms and fees are to be returned to the coaching staff.

6.   All Dues and Fees are non-refundable.

Fee Information

Swim fees will be billed on the 1st of each month and are due by the 1st business day of the first month of each session (a one week trial period for new swimmers is available at the discretion of the Coaching Staff).  A late fee will apply to each account not paid by the 10th of each month. 

All swim team related fees are always subject to change without notice as approved by Coach Scott.


USA Swimming Fees

 A USA Swimming Year-Round Fee is due once a year or when registering for the first time.  All STA swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming.  This fee will be added to each swimmer’s registration in November of each year, for the upcoming year’s registration.  If the swimmer is new to the STA Program, the swimmer must also provide a copy of his Birth Certificate.


Entry Fees For Meets

Once the entry fees for a meet have been sent, there is no way of recovering those fees, whether or not your swimmer actually swims or not.  The team, and therefore you, are committed to that expenditure.  If a swimmer is scheduled to swim a relay, and is a "no show" then that swimmer will also be charged the total relay fee for that relay.  Entries must be received by a host club a minimum of ten days prior to the first day of the meet, most of the time much earlier to ensure the team’s entry is accepted.

Entry fees for swim meets must be paid at the time entries are mailed; therefore, it is the policy of STA to bill entry fees for each swimmer prior to the meet.  Meet entries generally vary from $1.50 to $10.00 per event depending on the type of meet.  If a swimmer is scheduled to swim a relay and is a "no show" then that swimmer may be charged the total relay fee.

Meet Entry Fees will be billed just prior to each meet and are due once billed.


Fund Raising

Fund Raising is an essential part of our program.  STA holds a number of small fund-raisers each year such as car washes as well as the annual Swim-O-Thon.  In an effort to keep fees reasonable fundraising is an important part of our activities. Participation is key for success at these events.

Our website also offers an opportunity for fundraising with the opportunity to purchase advertising space on the site.  Please see the bottom left of the site for information.    


STA provides no insurance coverage.  Parents are encouraged to provide adequate insurance protection to cover any accident that might occur traveling to, participating in, and returning from any activities for the Swim Tampa Aquatics Team.  The USA Swimming registration fee does include a minimum insurance coverage while participating in USA Swimming sanctioned meets and practices.  Click here to fiew the USA Swimming Insurance FAQ's.


Training Equipment

STA swimmers are required to have certain training equipment depending which practice groups they swim with.  The required equipment is as follows:

Intermediate & Pre-Senior - Kick Board & Fins

Senior - Kick Board, Fins, Pull Buoy, Hans Paddles



There is nothing more disruptive to a coach and his workout organization than to have swimmers entering the workout late.  Please do all that you can to be on time and in the water at the time the workout is scheduled to begin (swimmers who are late for a practice may not be allowed to swim that day).  Also it is very important that parents are prompt when picking their swimmer(s) up after practice.  The Coaching Staff is busy coaching and not available to chaperone and baby-sit.  As a rule, swimmers should arrive at the pool no earlier than ten minutes prior to a practice and should be picked up no later than ten minutes after a practice.

Illness & Injury 

If a swimmer is ill or injured and cannot attend a workout, it is his/her responsibility to call the pool/Coach and advise the Coaching Staff prior to that practice.


Vacation Policy

Anyone planning a vacation should notify the Coaching Staff in advance.  This is a great help to the staff.  All too often an entire family will disappear without notifying the Coaching Staff, and we naturally assume the swimmers have quit for some reason. 


Parents At Workouts

To avoid distractions to the swimmers and Coaches while in practice, parents are encouraged to sit away from the pool area.  If you would like to discuss the progress of your child, please contact your child’s Coach to set up an appointment.  Meetings will be scheduled at a convenient time for the Coach and parent, but they will not be scheduled to take place during practice.


General Practice Rules


·          Remember that we are guests of the facility we are using.  Act accordingly:

·          No running

·          No balls allowed on the deck, in the locker rooms, or in the parking lots.

·          Stay out of the bushes and off the walls.

·          No food allowed in the locker rooms.

·          Be on your best behavior at all times.

·          Bring your practice equipment every day.

·          Put your name on your equipment.  You are responsible to have your own equipment at every practice.

·          Do not get in the water until your Coach tells you to.  Wait patiently for practice to begin.

·          Enter and exit the pool area from assigned entrance.   

·          Notify the Coaching Staff if you are going to miss any practices.  This should be done before missing any practices, however there is voice mail to leave messages if you have to miss and cannot let the Coaches know ahead of time.   

·          All swimmers should remain inside the pool area from the time they are dropped off for practice, until their parents arrive to pick them up after  practice.  Parents should drop swimmers off no earlier than 10 minutes before practice and should pick them up no later than 10 minutes after  practice.

·          Check your STA Web Site regularly for important team information.

·          Swimmers are not permitted in the pool shed unless instructed by the coach.

·          Practice Rules:

·          Be ready to start practice on time with suits, caps, goggles and equipment.

·          Pay attention to your coach.  Allow others to pay attention too.

·          Help your teammates.

·          If you have a question, ask your Coach.

·          Ask permission if you have to leave the pool for any reason (bathroom, water      fountain, etc.).

·          Swim all strokes legally and do all turns properly.

·          Do not stop or interfere with your teammates during sets.

·          Pick up after yourself (ie. equipment, water bottles, trash)


If there are any questions or don’t feel you can abide by these rules, see your Coach immediately!