Aqua Swift Aquatics Boerne

Aqua Swift Aquatics Boerne is a family based, no person left behind, aquatic company that is operated out of the Boerne, Texas City Pool. Our swim team offers programs and activities for all ages and abilities. No person is too young or old for our team. We are the team for you if you are looking to become an elite competitive swimmer, or wanting to just improve your overall health.

Aqua Swift Aquatic's Mission Statement:

Aqua Swift Aquatics is dedicated to providing the highest quality of aquatic based programing to develop the physical skills and abilities of its participants while reinforcing positive life long health habits of its athletes and staff. 

What we offer...

Our coaching philosophy:

We believe the most important part of the swimming experience is that you learn about yourself while enjoying the sport of swimming. Our purpose is to provide a healthy and safe environment which encourages learning and fun. A positive environment will help to promote a positive self-image that will be carried on into future stages of your life. We stress the importance of developing individual self-discipline and good sportsmanship through group activities. Competitive swimming allows all individuals to experience success, because everyone gets to participate in all aspects of the sport. There are no "sideline athletes" in the sport of swimming. This also allows everyone to deal with defeat in a positive manner with the support of knowledgeable staff and supportive teammates. 

The goal of our year round aquatic program is to challenge each individual to achieve their personal best. Our program will instill responsibility, good work ethics, and the importance of goal achievement; all while having fun! We realize that all swimmers are not going to be breaking world-records or going to the Olympic trails, but you will improve your overall well-being and personal best in our supportive and enthusiastic environment. 

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