H2Swift Summer Swim Team

Boerne Summer Recreational Team 2019

May 6th - July 30th

The H2Swift Summer Recreational Swim Team is a youth recreational league for kids to learn about the sport of swimming. This league is designed for kids to develop a lifetime love for swimming, to teach positive habits, and to enjoy the thrill of constructive competition. At H2Swift we focus on:  

  • Improving all 4 competitive strokes (being ready to race with confidence)
  • Increasing stamina (valuable for all sports)
  • Teaching self-discipline (rewarding thoughtfulness)
  • Learning about teamwork (helping each other be better) and 
  • Making lifetime friends!

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Eligibility     Schedule    Meet Information    Registration    Stroke Clinic 

Participant Eligibility

We encourage all ability levels to join us for the Boerne H2Swift Youth Recreational League. All participants must: 

  1.  A copy of the birth certificate is required.
  2. Attend a tryout. 
    1. Saturday, April 6th 10:00 AM
    2. Wednesday, April 10th 6:30 AM
    3. Saturday, April 13th 10:00 AM
    4. Thursday, April 18th 6:30 PM
  3. Before committing please keep in mind that
    *Swimmers must not be afraid of water
    Athletes must participate in at least two team scheduled meets. See Schedule Here.
    Athletes must participate in all TAAF swim meets. Saturday, July 13th & July 25th - 28th 
    See the Schedule Here.
    * Be eligible for
    TAAF meets
    1. Participants may not have competed with an organization, or perpetual year-round swimming program from January 1, 2019 through April 30, 2019

Training Levels

H2Swift Boerne, reflecting team growth, will have new training levels in 2019. These training levels assure a productive practice for everyone in the pool. Level placement is accessed at tryouts. Please review the new training levels. Before registering you must receive a training level assignment by a coach. Your registration will not be confirmed until a tryout and assignment have been successfully completed. 

  • Level 1 -The swimmer must be able to swim, with confidence, from one side of the pool to the other (25 meters). It does not have to be Olympic-perfect, but they need to show swimming with their face in the water and floating on their stomach and back.
  • Level 2 - This swimmer gets across the pool breathing to their side for two lengths of the pool (50 meters). This swimmer does not have to have an Olympic backstroke but must demonstrate they know the importance of keeping their eyes, belly button, and toes near the top of the water. 
  • Level 3 - This swimmer is ready to compete in Freestyle, Backstroke and demonstrates a basic understanding of Butterfly arms and legs. This swimmer is happy swimming four lengths of the pool (100 meters) and showing off their skills. 
  • Level 4 - This swimmer is comfortable with their Freestyle, Backstroke, and practices flip turns. They keep working on their Butterfly and are ready to learn the basics of the very-demanding Breaststroke. The Breaststroke does not have to be perfect but the swimmer must demonstrate that they are improving on their technique during the first month of training. This swimmer, achieving the highest rank of the H2Swift team, must comfortably swim eight lengths of the pool (200 meters).

*Coaches have the final say in which training group a swimmer has the best chance for growth.   

*If you have multiple children: they may not all be in the same level. There will be NO mixing of training groups. Please be sure to go over your schedule and the training times to assure a successful season. 

If you have questions about the team, level placement, practices, meets, or about your swimmer's progress please contact the H2Swift head coach, Blaine Rucker by emailing blaine@aquaswiftaquatics.com. 

Practice Schedule

All practices are held at the Boerne city pool. 106 Park Road, Boerne Texas

All practices are Tuesday - Friday.

Starting Tuesday, May 6th 2017

Group Time
Level 1 & 2 4:00 - 5:00 PM
Level 3 & 4 5:00 - 6:00 PM

Starting Friday, May 31st

Group Time
Level 1 & 2 8:00 - 9:00 AM
Level 3 & 4 9:00-10:30 AM

*These times are subject to change. The website will be updated with any changes.

Meet Information

All swimmers are required to participate in meets. These competitions are an important part of team participation and big learning blocks for a swimmer. Parents are required to volunteer to help with practice and swim meets. Details on volunteering will be provided at registration.

Swim Meet Dates
 Date Meet Location
 Saturday, May 25th   I Can.  Boerne
 Saturday, June 8th  Can-Do-Pentathlon *  New Braunfels
 Saturday, June 29th  Rock & Splash  Boerne
 Saturday, July 6th   Regional Last Chance 19  Boerne
 Saturday, July 13th  TAAF Regional Championships *  New Braunfels
 July 25th - 28th  TAAF State Games *  College Station A&M

*Home meets do not require an entry fee. Meets outside of Boerne do require an entry fee. This assures the host can cover the costs (concessions, awards, count of races so they can rent the pool long enough, etc). This can range from $5-$10 per event. H2Swift pays the host team when you register so we can secure our spots.*


The H2Swift summer recreation team is a very popular sport during the summer. Please take note of the registration dates. Once the team is full we will close registration.
If the registration is closed and you are interested in joining the waiting list, please email Coach Blaine. Spots will be given in order of registration and tryout confirmation. 

Resident Registration will open March 4th  - $150 for the first child; $100 for each additional child. 

*Proof of city residents will be required before registration can be confirmed. You must provide a utility bill from the City of Boerne*

Non-Resident Registration will open March 14th - $200 for first child; $150 for each additional child.

Registration will remain open until the team is full.

Don't forget to register for the H2Swift Swim & Stroke Clinic Here. It fills up fast!