USA Age Group Swimming

No matter where you are in the swimming progression, the sport of swimming includes lifetime fitness, positive competition, and great teammates. At Aqua Swift Aquatics, we believe that the core benefits of swimming include:

  • Fun: it might be the exhalation of achieving a goal time, supporting friends at a swim meet, or engaging in team events but no matter the reason kids will stay involved because it is FUN!
  • Fitness: in addition to getting kids water-safe, swimming with a team keeps kids moving with fundamental aerobic activity. It's a sport that lasts a lifetime. 
  • Friends: ask any child why they enjoy a sport and most will tell you about the friendships they forge during practice and during competitions. Good friends who are doing positive things create an expectation that the people closest to them are the ones who make them better by doing their best. Aqua Swift aquatics is dedicated to making each swimmer not just a great swimmer but a great friend and teammate. 

The most important thing you can do as the parent of a swimmer is to love and support your child, both in and out of the pool. This support is a key factor in fostering enjoyment, learning, and contributing to the swimmer's success in the pool. 

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Age Group Swimming Practice Groups

We look forward to having you on the team. Please remember that your practice group will be assigned to you by an Aqua Swift Coach. All coaches have the final say in what group each swimmer belongs to. 


The pre-competitive group is a great way to introduce your child to swimming. The swimmer will be learning the fundamentals of swimming. This is a beginner class that will help your child become comfortable with lap swimming. This is a 45 minute class.

Requirements: They must be at least 5 years old. They must be comfortable in the water. The athlete must be able to swim 25 meters with no assistance or touching the side of the pool. This is a beginner group class and is mostly performed in shallow depths. 

Requirements for Advancement: The athlete must be able to complete a 50-meter swim of freestyle and backstroke legally and under 1:45.

Level 1

Level 1 is composed of the youngest competitive swimmers in the AQSA program. The main emphasis of this group is teaching the basic fundamentals of competitive strokes. This consists of kicking, drilling, streamline, and the development of the skills necessary for competitive swimming.

Requirements: The athlete must be able to swim a 50 meter swim of freestyle and backstroke.

Requirement For Advancement: Freestyle and backstroke must be legal. The athlete must be capable of performing the following.

6 x 50's Freestyle & Backstroke @ 1:30 / The must demonstrate basic knowledge of Breaststroke and Butterfly.

Click here for the full description of Level 1's learning expectations and requirements. 

Level 2

Level 2 is for entry-level swimmers who are ready to be introduced to the excitement of competitive swimming. The swimmers will receive instruction on the fundamentals of the four competitive strokes along with starts and turns. This will help develop a mechanically efficient technique in each swimmer. Swimmers will have the opportunity to compete in local swim meets. Furthermore, sharpening of the competitive strokes through drills and kicking will be emphasized. Starts, turns, and mental skills for training for the next level will also be emphasized.

Requirements: Swimmers must be 6 years old. The athlete must be capable to perform the following.

6 X 50's Freestyle & Backstroke @ 1:30

Requirement For Advancement: The athlete must be legal in all 4 strokes. The must be able to enter headfirst from a starting block. They must be able to complete the following workout continuously. 

2 x 50's Freestyle @ 1:10, 2 x 50's Backstroke @ 1:20, 4 x 50's Fly & Breast @ 1:40, 100 IM @ 2:45

Click here for the full description of Level 2's learning expectations and requirements.

Level 3

Level 3 is where swimmers move from primary stroke and technique instruction to more emphasis on training. Drill work and kicking will continue to make up a large portion of the practices; however, swimming sets will be added. At this level, goal setting will be introduced and swimmers will be expected to be more accountable for their swimming progression. Consistent practice attendance is necessary for continued improvement and advancement to the next group.  There will be an introduction to bodyweight dry land/ cross-training. Swimmers will be given the technical background and preparation for local, state, and national competition. Participating in meets is expected in this group. 

Requirements: Swimmers must be a least 8 years old. They must poses advance skills in all 4 strokes along with starts and turns. The athlete must be able to complete.

2 X 50's Freestyle @ 1:10, 2 X 50's Backstroke @ 1:20, 4 X 50's Fly & Breast @ 1:40, 100 IM @ 2:45

Requirements to Advance: The athlete must demonstrate advance technical skills in all 4 strokes, starts, and turns. The swimmer must have 3 B Times in the USA Swimming Motivational Times.

Click here for the full description of Level 3's learning expectations and requirements. 

Level 4

Level 4 the athletes take on a much more rigorous training load. While continuing to build upon the skills acquired at Level 3. Practice times are longer in conjunction with higher yardage requirements. The increases in physical demands require that swimmers regularly attend practices. Swimmers will be expected to understand interval training and will learn how to train at different effort levels and speeds.Advanced dry-land/cross training is required. Meet participation is required to remain in the group.

Requirements: Swimmers must be 11 years old. Athletes must be able to successfully complete.

4 x 100's Free @ 2:00 / Backstroke 2 X 100 @ 2:10 / Fly & Breast 2:30 / IM @ 2:15

Requirements to Advance: The athlete must have made the decision that swimming is their main focus. They want to attempt State/National qualifying times and potential college recruitment. The athlete must be able to perform in succession. A coach must give. formal invitation to level 5. 

Click here for the full description of Level 4's learning expectations and requirements. 

Level 5

The Senior Program provides training to athletes beginning in the 9th grade. Swimmers are typically placed into a group based upon age and ability level. Aqua Swift Aquatics strives to ensure that there is a place for all athletes who have a desire to swim competitively, whether the swimmer is new to year-round swimming or is preparing to compete at the national or international level. The coaching staff is also careful to maintain a swimmer-to-coach ratio that allows for an optimal teaching environment. While the Senior Program is designed to train athletes in the 9th grade and up, not all of these athletes will train together. The Senior Program is typically divided into several groups, though the group classifications may change from year-to-year depending on the needs and numbers of the Senior Program, as well as the vision and philosophy of the coaching staff. The Senior Program will feature a National Group, which is reserved for athletes who have not only attained Junior National qualifying standards but are also committed to consistently training at the highest possible level.

Requirements: Swimmers must be 13 years old. Athletes must be able to successfully complete.

4 x 100's Free @ 1:15  4 x 100 Back & Fly @ 1:20 / Breast @ 1:30 1 X 100  IM @ 1:45

Click here for the full description of Level 5's learning expectations and requirements.

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