COVID-19 Policy


  1. If athletes show any COVID-19 Symptoms they should not attend practice.
  2. Masks are required when athletes are in the locker rooms.
  3. When we are notified that an ASC athlete or coach tests positive for COVID-19 we will notify the athlete's practice group.
    1.  Will include: day of COVID-19 test, day of symptoms on-set, and last day athlete was at practice.
  4. Athletes or coaches who test positive for Covid will be asked to not attend practice for a minimum of 10 days after the onset of symptoms or receiving a positive test. If the athlete or coach is still having symptoms after 10 days they will need to remain out of practice until 24 hours after they cease to have any symptoms.
  5. As always, we have our daily cleaning service that will continue their daily cleaning schedule.
  6. We have employed an additional cleaning service during this time, who will spray our facility weekly with a disinfectant that will kill all germs for 7 days to ensure optimal disinfectant and sanitation of the facility.
  7. We are following all guidelines and recommendations given to us by the State of Texas