Our Gold 2 group is for swimmers approximately ages 11-12 who are working to achieve “B”, “BB” and “A” standard times, and/or STAGS time standards. The goal of Gold 2 is to grow each swimmer’s fitness level and confidence as swimming sets lengthen in duration and intensity. Athletes have goals to race in championship events at the end of each season and/or meet other personal goals. The emphasis for this group is to build strength, knowledge, and technique in each stroke. Swimmers will learn to hold correct form for longer periods making them more successful during longer or faster repeats. Swimmers are taught the importance of detail in swimming without losing the balance of challenging sets and fun during a practice.
Monthly Fees : Austin Swim Club’s yearly registration runs from September 1 through August 31. Austin Swim Club training fees are billed monthly. The amount of the monthly fees that an athlete will be charged is based on the training group that the athlete is placed into by the Austin Swim Club coaching staff. If a swimmer moves to a different practice group, they will begin paying the new group monthly rate from first day of the first full month that the athlete moves into the new group through the remainder of the swim year. For athletes that are current members of Austin Swim Club or athletes that join Austin Swim Club prior to September 1, the first monthly payment is due at the beginning of the swim year on September 1. If the athlete joins Austin Swim Club after September 1, the first monthly payment is due on the date that the athlete joins Austin Swim Club. Athletes must pay for the entire month of the month that they join Austin Swim Club from the 1 st day of the month through the 15th day of the month. Half of the monthly dues will be charged for swimmers after the 16th of the month through the last day of the month, without regard to the number of days in the initial month that the athlete trains with Austin Swim Club. Monthly Rates will not be prorated other than stated above for any reason. All regular monthly payments are due on the first of the month and will be charged to the account’s credit card.
Equipment Needed:  Goggles, Swim Cap, Small Kickboard, Fins, Pull Buoy, Stroke master Paddles, Snorkel, Finis Tempo Trainer. All of the equipment listed can be purchased at Swim Freak, address 4032 S. Lamar Blvd, Suite 500, Austin, Texas, 78704, phone number (737) 300-4097.
Gold 2
Tier 4 - $215
5 Weekly swim sessions
1 Dryland session led by certified strength & conditioning coach