Pre-Team Registration is currently unavailable

Pre-Team Group Description
The Pre-Team group is for swimmers approximately ages 5-9 who are new to the sport.  The goal of this group is to teach foundational technique for freestyle and backstroke through drills, repetition, and games. These techniques include: correct breathing habits, a steady kick, correct head/body position, and drills teaching the mechanics of freestyle and backstroke. Kids will quickly see improvements and will become confident swimming 25-50 yard distances unassisted.  Swimmers will attend 8 classes per month:


Pre-Team Monthly Fees: $70 per month - 2 weekly swim sessions

Annual Fee: $30 USA Swimming Flex Membership



If you are new to the Pre-Team group, prior to registration you must complete a placement trail.  The placement trial will determine if your swimmer is appropriate for this group, or should join another ASC group. To schedule a placement trial, please contact Megan Thompson at [email protected].
After you have completed a placement trial, please click to REGISTER. ( Our Pre-Team Registration is currently unavailable. Please check back for our upcoming Pre-Team Schedule! ).
  • Registration to join the upcoming month of Pre Team will open the 20th of each month for new swimmers.
  • Swimmers will be registered for the USA Swimming Flex Membership program
  • The USA Swimming Flex Membership cost is $30.
  • USA Swimming Flex Membership  - Pre-Team registrations September 2020 - August 2021  are good through December 31st, 2020.
  • A copy of the swimmer’s birth certificate is required at the time of registration
  • Swimmers register for 1 month at a time. At the end of the month, the coach will let you know whether to repeat the Pre-Team group, or advance to the Bronze group.
  • There will be 1-2 Pre-Team groups/month.
  • Pre-Team members will not be competing in sanctioned meets
  • Equipment needed: suit, cap, goggles, junior kickboard, fins
  • A one-piece suit for girls and jammers for boys is appropriate attire. (No swim shirts or board shorts please,these make swimming more difficult as they weigh the child down.)
  • ASC team gear is not required, but available for purchase
  • All gear can be purchased at Swim Freak - 4032 South Lamar Blvd
  • After you have registered, please email copy of birth certificate to: [email protected].  Swimmers are not officially registered and placement is not secure until all paperwork has been received!
Upgrade to Year Round ASC Swim Team - Bronze Group:  Once your swimmer has learned the basics of swimming, he/she will graduate and be invited to join ASC’s Bronze group. In this group, they will continue focusing on technique, and will add breaststroke, butterfly, and other skills. When they shift to Bronze, additional fees will apply:
  • USA Swimming Membership Upgrade charge - $70; this amount transfers swimmers from the Flex Membership to the regular USA Swimming Membership.  The regular USA Swimming Membership is required for all ASC athletes.
  • Team Registration Fee - $175 transfer fee from Pre-Team to Bronze; this includes a T-shirt, swim cap, car decal and ASC shoulder bag.
  • In August all swimmer's in the Year Round swimming groups must Register for the for the next Swimming Year, $100 for USA Swimming Annual fee and $175 Annual Team Registration fee.
  • Bronze Monthly charges are $130 per month with three weekly swim sessions.