Our mission at Austin Swim Club is to develop our athletes through positive experiences to promote an environment where athletes can reach their maximum potential. We are a competitive swim program. We are committed to small group sizes and personal attention to all athletes from our coaches. We develop our swimmers with excellent on deck coaching as well as provide them with an excellent dry land program with certified Trainers. Our goal at ASC is to make the process of learning more enjoyable and positive. We fully understand that every athlete’s development is not the same and it is our goal to give experiences each athlete needs to feel valued and part of the ASC team. We intend to provide a program where athletes are all challenged to reach their maximum potential. We promote all of our ASC athletes to not only make BIG GOALS but also to reach BIG goals.
Swimming teaches you life skills. The owners, staff and coaches at Austin Swim Club all believe that an athlete can feel valued and swim fast. We are a competitive program, however success at ASC is about having fast be an outcome of the process not have fast be the focus. We intend to continue to achieve that outcome by having an excellent swim program with energetic coaches that focus on swimming technique and fitness; also by providing our athletes with an excellent dry land training program with certified trainers, that complements their training in the pool.