At Austin Swim Club, we recognize that competitive swimming is a unique convergence of many components of athleticism. A well-rounded training program creates an environment for every athlete to realize their potential. No matter the age or ability level of the athlete, all the components of athleticism - cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength and endurance, coordination, balance and functional flexibility can be enhanced through thoughtful, sport-specific programming and must be present in any strength and conditioning program in order for the athlete to be successful. 
Unlike many competitive club teams, all of our athletes train dryland with a dedicated Strength & Conditioning Coach in order to ensure safety, teach proper form and technique, and maximize time spent in the gym. Our Strength Coach, Hayley Krzeczowski, and Miles McGriff, views each season both as a whole and in phases when designing training programs while coordinating with each Swim Coach. By taking this approach, workouts are tailored to each group to account for the age and ability levels of the respective athletes in order to expand athletic function and achieve the best results at competitions, without taking away from any training that takes place in the pool.  
We understand that frequency, specificity and safety must all be addressed when it comes to training. With this in mind, all athletes are encouraged to attend the dryland sessions available to their respective training group. By attending each session and putting in the right effort, athletes are equipped with the tools to see results where they matter the most – at the Championship meet! 
All dryland sessions will take place in the Austin Aquatics & Sports Academy’s state of the art Training Center.
Please check your athlete’s training group page in order to see when they are scheduled to train. Practice Schedule
All athletes who attend dryland should bring a water bottle and wear appropriate attire when training, including:
  • Athletic shoes (closed-toe cross trainers, though running shoes are acceptable) 
  • Athletic shorts/shirt
Your athlete’s safety is our number one priority. This means that any athlete that does not wear proper attire will NOT be permitted to train that day!