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Swim Freak ASC Gear

Swim Freak has opened up an order for Team Gear such as Parkas, Warmups & Personalized Swim Caps. See below for details and deadlines!...

By Patti Thompson

Senior Spotlight Bennett Li

Senior Spotlight: Bennett Li Favorite band: Mostly Metal bands, but anything to help him get yolked in the gym. Activity other than swimming: curls,...

By Ian Cross

Senior Spotlight: Matthew Reysa

Senior Spotlight: Matthew Reysa: Favorite bands: Bjork, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston Favorite Food: Japanese food; sushi, ramen, fish Schools of Interest: Georgetown, U of...

By Ian Cross

Senior Spotlight: Jake Stavrou

Senior Spotlight: Jake Stavrou: Favorite Bands: Peach Pit, Decklin Mckenna, Mitski. Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction Favorite Food: Ramen Schools of interest: UT, South Carolina...

By Ian Cross

Senior Spotlight: Addie Orris

Senior Spotlight: Addie Orris Favorite TV Show: Dr. Who Favorite Food: Every type of pasta, and every type of fruit School: Committed to Air...

By Ian Cross

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