Senior Spotlight: Jake Stavrou

Ian Cross

Senior Spotlight:  Jake Stavrou:

Favorite Bands: Peach Pit, Decklin Mckenna,



Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction


Favorite Food: Ramen


Schools of interest: UT, South Carolina


Area of study: International Business, Japanese


Activity other than swimming: Hang out with friends


Favorite events: 100-200 breast


Favorite swimming memory: Jake and his friends were at a meet in Florida, and someone dropped a chocolate bar on the pool deck and for an hour and a half, they sat and watched people step in it thinking it was NOT a candy bar. They laughed like hyenas for 90 minutes. *DISCLAIMER*: ASC in no way condones this obviously hilarious behavior. We would like our members to know that while this story is juvenile humor at its best, we would have liked to see the boys report said candy bar to the officials, at least after the first 30 minutes. 


Something people may not know: "I am taking an exchange trip to Japan this Summer."