Senior Spotlight Bennett Li

Ian Cross

Senior Spotlight: Bennett Li


Favorite band: Mostly Metal bands, but anything to help him get yolked in the gym. 

Activity other than swimming: curls, bench press, leg day for sure, and getting swole. 

Favorite Food: Egg Yolks

Favorite event: 50 free because its the only race that helps get you swole. 

Schools of interest: University of Yolkness in Austin

Area of Study: Wants to study The Science of Swole and the History of Body Building in the 18th-20th centuries 

Favorite ASC memory: Hitting Chest and Back day with the boys 2 days before a taper meet and giving Coach Roric a stroke with how yolked we all were. 
Favorite Instrument:  The Yolk-a-lay-lee

Favorite City: New Yolk 

Favorite catch phrase: "If you ain't Swole, your shaped like a bowl"