Private Lessons
The focus of group practice sessions is to build endurance, power, and speed onto proper swimming technique.  Technique is reviewed as it pertains to each training set during a practice session.  Often we will pull aside swimmers who may need additional remarks to complete a drill or set correctly, but we quickly get them back into the training sets.  As the season progresses, swimmers benefit from private lessons for various reasons:
  • Some swimmers have a hard time retaining instruction within a group setting due to distractions such as training goals or a busier environment.
  • Younger swimmers may need reassurance swimming in a large pool for the first time.  Getting used to their surroundings on a 1:1 basis may be helpful for a few sessions before joining a group.
  • Individual attention allows coaches to provide uninterrupted attention and fine tune the smallest details.
  • Individuals new to year-round swimming may benefit from accelerated learning in order to join a group with same-aged peers.
  • Video analysis provides a swimmer with instant feedback and new insight on how to improve their strokes.
Please contact m[email protected] to schedule a private lesson.  You also can schedule with your group coach specifically if you are an active ASC member.  To cancel your lesson, you must contact the office and/or coach assigned within 24 hours of your appointment.  Private lessons are not meant to replace regular weekly workouts or create additional pool time.  Lessons are meant to highlight and improve details not met in regular practice sessions.  We will allow private lessons at a frequency of every other week for our ASC members with changes to this policy at the athlete’s coach’s discretion only.
Private Swim Lessons Options and Pricing:
Single 30-minute sessions
  • $60 for non-ASC swimmers
  • $50 for active ASC members
Single 30-minute sessions with 2 swimmers simultaneously
  • $55 per swimmer for non-ASC swimmers ($110/per lesson total)
  • $45 per swimmer for active ASC members ($90/per lesson total)
Package for 30-minute sessions (Only valid for 4 months) All 4 sessions must be used within the 4 month period from date of purchase
  • $200 for 4, 30-minute sessions for non-ASC swimmers
  • $175 for 4, 30-minute sessions for active ASC members
Private Dryland Lessons Options and Pricing:
Single 60-minute sessions
  • $70 for active ASC members
Package of 4 - 60-minute session
  • $175 (Only valid for 4 months) All 4 sessions must be used within the 4 month period from date of purchase