ATAC is a small team dedicated to being a small team. Our number one mission is the individual growth of each of our swimmers regardless of what level they have accomplished with time standards or time standards of specific meets. The small team environment allows ATAC to focus on the individual and not what age group or workout group they would be assigned based on those criteria.  Our vision is a philosophy of treating each individual as “one coach, one swimmer.”

In a small team, we foster an environment of commitment and a culture of a work ethic that produces consistent and constant improvement. Our experience is that the number one trait of happy, strong teams is commitment. The workout plan is new each and every day. Swimmers are not allowed to fatigue physically because that leads to mental fatigue. Every training set is planned to focus on strengths needed to reach our uppermost goals. Dryland is an important part of everyday training as fitness, strength and power lead to success in the pool.

Our team members work at being positive teammates, and each team member knows that they are appreciated for what they contribute to the team and the strengths they bring to the team. Strong teams focus on the strengths of each other.

At ATAC we enjoy our time together. We work together, play together and enjoy times outside of the pool together. Healthy teams enjoy being together. From time to time we may take a park day, or play a game in the pool, or have competitions (karaoke, synchronized swimming, etc.).

To understand each other, teams must be comfortable communicating with each other. Our team logo and focus is on the open relationship with the coach, parent and swimmer. ATAC accomplishes that through family participation in goal-setting and communication of team identification through spirit wear and team themes through the year. Twice a year, the team meets to discuss team and individual goals followed by individual swimmer meetings with Coach Doug to discuss and establish individual goals. We always focus on the Body, Mind, and Water in our goals and planning to reach new goals. To reach a higher level of communication, a weekly newsletter is sent out to each family with and detailed weekly training plan, activities, and updates.

Happy teams have fun together; they play together; they laugh together. A sense of humor is essential to survive the tense and troublesome moments we face from time to time. We also learn to laugh at ourselves and let our spirit and personality shine through. ATAC is a small team with a one of a kind experience that will last a lifetime. 

Vision: To instill in young people an insatiable work ethic with a desire for technical perfection that will create CHAMPIONS.

Mission: Austin Trinity Aquatic Club is a family of swimmers committed to the personal relationship of mind, body, and water. ATAC seeks daily competitive opportunities to discover, develop, and test their skills to create a positive change. Through the pursuit of healthy habits and participation in competitive athletics, ATAC swimmers embrace the level of commitment necessary to achieve their individual goals and develop the awareness of the need to bring out the best in others. Each athlete will have the satisfaction of being successful in the pool and practiced in the art of leadership. Each day is dedicated to leading others through their own example. ATAC fosters teamwork through great relationships in and out of the pool. We work in a cooperative spirit to recognize the importance of the balance in the relationship of Child, Coach, and Parent.