How To Enter a Swim Meet

There are often questions on which meets to enter, how to enter a meet, and what to expect at a meet.  Unlike summer league swimming, most USA swim meets in South Texas are classified by ability and will have required qualification times. Your swimmer’s coach is the best person to determine which meets and individual events your swimmer should enter.

When you open a specific meet event on our website, there will be information on which swimmers are eligible to enter that meet.  Meet levels are based on a swimmer’s progress against USA Swimming's 2017-2020 National Age Group Motivational Times.

Time standards are also available in the meet information itself and are listed in either short course (yards) or long course (meters). Time-standards for B, BB, & A (and above A) have progressively lower times for similar events.  In other words, B time standards aren’t as fast as BB, and so on. Level “C” is entry level, so there is no time standard.

Once swimming in a meet, swimmers attempt to make “B” times, then “BB” times, “A” times, TAGS time standards, Sectional cuts (no age limits but typically 14 and over). Ultimately, some may even attain Junior National, National or Olympic Trials cuts.

Swimmers must enter meets & events based on their age as of the first day of a meet. 

Step 1: Login to the Tigershark Swim Team website.


Step 2: A list of Swim Meets is on the homepage. Find the meet you would like to enter your swimmer in and click on the "Attend/Decline" button.

Step 3: If the Swim Meet is not listed on the homepage, click on "Swim Meets" in the menu at the top. Find the Swim Meet that you would like to enter your swimmer in and click the "Attend/Decline" button.

Step 4: Your swimmer's name will show up and you will need to click on their name.

Step 5: You will then select from the Drop Down box to Yes, sign them up for the meet.

Step 6: You will be prompted to select the events your swimmer would like to compete in at the meet. Pay close attention to the Day and Session when selecting events for the meets that cover multiple days. If you can only attend on Saturday, then you will want to make sure you don't sign up for any events that take place on Sunday. Once you are finished, you must push the "Save Changes" button or it will not save your entries.

Once you have completed your swimmer's entries, the coaches will review each swimmer's entries and prepare the rest of the required documents to submit the entries.