Tiger Sharks of Texas Masters (TSTM)

Requirements for Joining

Tiger Sharks of Texas and BISD are proud to be offering a new group for our community. As of January 30th 2023 we will be introducing a new masters swim team, Tiger Sharks of Texas Masters (TSTM). This group will be an opportunity for members of the community to come to the Belton Swim Center and swim some laps with other people who are interested in swimming. 

You do not need to be an elite swimmer to participate in this program, you only have to want to get the best cardiovascular workouts on the planet and be willing to learn some new things, meet some new people, all while staring at a black line! We could not be more excited about offing this opportunity to share something our staff is incredibly passionate about with a new population. 

Tiger Sharks of Texas Masters team will workout Monday through Thursday 5:15-6:45AM.

Payment: TSTM will run as a group of Tiger Sharks of Texas. This will allow for an online payment by credit/debit card. The $30 training fee will be debited from your account once a month on the first. Masters will operate on a monthly basis like our pre-team where there is no penalty for termination and members can “pause” their membership without any penalty.  

We will not have a lifeguard on deck during workouts. This is “swim at your own risk” group. All of our coaches are certified lifeguards and will provide medical assistance, but there will not be a lifeguard assigned to these sessions. 

I haven’t been swimming for a while. Should I join?
Swimming is a great way to pursue lifelong fitness. But we understand that not everyone swam in college, high school, or even as an age grouper. With our Masters program we have three levels to accommodate multiple ability and commitment levels. 

Fitness Swimming: 

This is the first level of our masters program. Fitness swimming is focused on individual lap swimming. This is a group of people who will utilize the pool during masters practice, but are more focused on swimming their own workout. 


This group is designed for the  swimmer who has been out of the water for a little longer than they would like or is slightly newer to the world of competitive swimming. This group will be more drill/technique based while still getting a great cardiovascular workout. This group will swim roughly 1500-2000 yards in a practice.


This group will function like your traditional masters group. They will have a workout provided and will focus their training on all four competitive strokes. Swimmers in this group will complete 2500-3500 yards in a practice. 

Signing Up

How do I sign up?
Our signup is done through our website: Tigersharkswimteam.com. The registration link is on the front page and information on practice schedules is available on the calendar. 

Dropping In and Special Rates 

I’m just in town for a couple days. Can I drop in? 

For swimmers visiting from out of town or if you'd like to try a workout before joining, drop in workouts are available at a cost of $5 per day. You can pay at the front desk when you arrive. 


I’m in town for a few weeks. Is there a special rate? 

It may be possible to create a special rate based on your individual schedule. Please contact the office with any questions regarding a special rate. 


Are there towels, lockers and showers available? 

Showers and locker rooms are available at the pool for use during your swim. Lockers cannot be rented or used overnight. We do not have towel service available at this facility. 

Practices and Workouts

What are the workouts like?
Depending on your interval, the workouts range between 1,500-3,500 yards in an hour. There is usually a warm-up with your choice of swimming, a warm-up set with some drills or kicking and then a main set. The workouts vary to focus on distance, sprint or stroke. Some are a mixture to keep everyone engaged. Lanes will be divided between different workout levels. The coaches will try to find the lane that is the best fit for you. The best part about the workouts is that you have company to help you through those tough sets and a coach to keep you motivated. 

Are the workouts coached? 

Yes, a coach is always present for our workouts. Some workouts will be led by a coach on deck and other times the coach will lead from the water. All of our coaches have competitive, college and/or masters swim experience and are certified lifeguards. 

Schedule of Practices

How often do TSTM swimmers practice each week?
It ranges. Some people are here 4 days per week but most swim 2-3 days per week. We set up the program to offer you the most flexibility. You don’t have to come to a specific practice and you have the ability to adjust your practice schedule based on your availability from week to week. To start we will have practice times available Monday through Thursday from 5:15-6:45AM. As our group grows, we hope to expand those offerings.

What speed are the swimmers? How do I pick a lane? 

We have a variety of intervals at each practice and we generally have between 4-8 lanes available. The intervals range from about 1:10 to 2:00 so there’s room for everyone! The coaches will help direct you to an appropriate lane. 

What can I expect at my first workout? 

Once you get on deck, grab a kickboard and pull buoy from the bins. Check in with the coach and they will help you find the right lane for your interval. If you aren’t sure of your interval, just let them know and they’ll help you find a place. 

What should I bring to practice? 

Swim caps aren’t required but are strongly suggested for anyone who’s hair is longer than 2 inches. They are available for sale through the club if you do not have your own. Kickboards, pull buoys, and fins are available on deck but you are welcome to bring your own. We would recommend getting a set of paddles as well. If you are unsure of any equipment you are looking to purchase, please speak to one of our coaches. 

Are there any terms or special workout lingo I should know? 

We are putting together a list of terms used by coaches, but in the mean time, if you don’t know, ask. We are all learners and our coaches are great at explaining/demonstrating different drills and techniques. 

Do the TSTM swimmers compete in meets? 

We are currently not participating in meets but would encourage athletes wanting to compete to pursue those opportunity and we’d be more than willing to help you with the registration process and locating meets. If there is an interest in competing we will looking into that after our first season.

Are you required to sign up for United States Masters Swimming (USMS)? 

There are a lot of benefits to signing up for USMS but we do not require it. If you want to compete in the meets, USMS membership is required, and you can find that information at USAswimming.org

Where can I find the schedule for practices? How much of the year does the team practice? 

Our practice schedule stays pretty constant throughout the year with only two week off in March and two weeks off in August. We have a fall/winter and spring/summer season. Our schedule is officially posted on the tigersharkswimteam.com website under calendars.  

Access to the pool outside of practices

Is there other access to the pool?
Yes! We have a daily open swim and if you weren’t able to get to morning workouts, the practice can be accessed via the website or at the swim center. 


Connecting with the team outside of practices

Is there a way to connect with the team outside of the pool?
We will be setting up a closed Facebook group for members and as our swim community grows we will look into other opportunities to get together.page3image1512236704